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The visuals.The commentary.The goal.Beauty personified. #wwfc #wolves

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Ticket News Season ticket refunds: all you need to know 11 March 2021. Below is a summary of all the information issued to season ticket holders in relation to available refunds for the value of. Fans of Wolves have been reacting to a post on Twitter, in which Tim Spiers shared an article of his concerning Wolves centre-forward, Willian Jose. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Premier League.

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Mark Collins ()

@TimSpiers What we need next season is a league where we get to play all of the best teams with no danger of relegation and massive financial benefits 🤔#wwfc #WOLBUR

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How we should line up vs West Brom next week What we have seen from the women’s team in recent weeks is everything we want to see from the first team. #WWFC #Wolves

Rob ()

This season and i’m going to say that where we are in the league is almost a true reflection of the squad we have, but the performances deserve bottom 3. We are VERY LUCKY imo to be a premier league side next season, unless it changes, we wont be for much longer #wwfc


Players to keep for next season PatricioSemedoBolyAit NouriJonnyNevesNetoJimenez Silva The rest I’m not fussed about in all honesty. #wwfc

Rich Evans ()

Nuno stays.Proper full preseason.Get injured players back.Sign some fresh blood.Sell dead wood.Re go again.This is only our 3rd season back in the Premier league.We will go through bad seasons.Keep building. #wwfc

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Bradley Parker ()

Feel like Nuno has turned into Lambert. Scared to lose not brave enough to win. And that leads to well losing. #wwfc

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The HRH Blog ()

Surely nobody can defend Nuno after today’s game?? It was an absolute disaster, and it should cost him his job! #wwfc

Rich Morgan ()

“Everybody was without mobility” is key point. Never seen us lack energy like that before. #wwfc

Josh Holland ()

“We’ll stick together, like we always do.” Nuno Espírito Santo vows to stick together after his side were beaten 4-0 at home to relegation threatened Burnley. #wwfc #WOLBUR

Dan Tracey ()

Wolves definitely on the beach after that #WOLBUR #WWFC

Joe Lyons ()

Nuno on Burnley and his side’s attitude: “You have to credit them. They pressured, they ran more. I will not judge the attitude of my players by relaxation. It’s more of the ability to play good.” #wwfc

TheDouganDiaries ()

@wolvesfancast An embarrassment and laughing stock on national TV, a wonderful new low for #wwfc well done Nuno!!

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RJ9 ()

This season goes to show how important we as fans are, our away form isn’t that different from other seasons but molinuex used to be feared #wwfc

Jordan. ()

@WWFC_ED @sportbible He got injured, no? Then picked up something in his thigh during a warmup? Do you need rekordbox for cdj.

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FT 0-4 A hard 90 minutes to get through. An awful and lifeless performance and a real lack of passion and pride. Ruthlessly exposed by Burnley #WWFC

Joe Lyons ()

A depleted Nuno up first. “We played bad, we had a very bad performance today. Hard to explain, bad defending, not the right decisions in the right moments when under pressure. Burnley always presses us, we didn’t have the movement to get out of that pressure.” #wwfc

Ed Garside ()

@sportbible He got dropped halfway through the season I highly doubt he’ll be vlogging any premier league football next season

Aaron Hare ()

Otasowie, vitinhia, Fabio silva, where are they ? This isn’t working make the changes #wwfc @Wolves


Nuno’s wife could bang someone else and he would still look for ‘solutions’ #wwfc

Gavinder Pawar ()

This is like watching one of those FA cup ties where a league two side rests players for the league away at a champions league side. #wwfc #WOLBUR

JT ()

Does someone want to tell the @Wolves players that many of their fans have to go into work tomorrow and after their team gets humiliated on terrestrial TV? #WOLBUR #WWFC

Em ()

@ashstain99 Obviously 3-0 down to Burnley at half time is shite I’m denying that, but half our best places are missing and I’m sorry but that isn’t Nuno’s fault. If Mourinho wants to come and manage wolves I’ll eat my hat, no way he’d want to move here

Dan ()

The only positive out of this result, including the Brighton game is that the baggies are one step closer to the doesn’t excuse our poor performance though #WWFC

Josh ()

I swear every team this season has had at least one big scoring win and we’ve legit had none 😂

James Wright ()

What has Nuno said at half time? Nothing had changed at all. Still no desire in the tackle. Still their body language is awful. Still disorganised. Shambolic and cowardly performance. They are so lucky there are no fans in the ground #wwfc

Josh Holland ()

He was offside but only just. How has Vydra allowed that much room inbetween the defenders from one ball? So disappointing in every aspect so far today. #wwfc

Ed Garside ()

Why on Earth are we playing a left footed centreback on the right and a right footed centreback on the left? Has Nuno actually lost the fucking plot?

Joe Edwards ()

Still 3-0 to the visitors. Offside. But they just stopped. Christ. #wwfc

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Wolves fans happy about losing 0-3 at home to Burnley at half time because it puts us closer to the Relegation zone really does show the obsession 🤣🤣🤣#wba #wwfc

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The visuals.The commentary.The goal.Beauty personified. #wwfc #wolves

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