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If you want to create a WP client portal where all clients can access the same information, then you can skip to the next step. Or if you want to show different resources to different clients, then repeat these steps. WordPress Client Management Portal Plugin Easily used by 'techy' and 'not-so-techy' Administrators One plugin configures multiple areas of your WordPress ins. Posts about WP-Client written by wpclientplugin. Emails, Emails, EMAILS! The WordPress Newsletter and Autoresponder Email Marketing Plugin is a multitasking plugin for any email campaigns you may have going on. The MainWP Client Reports extension combines the power of the free MainWP Child Reports plugin with a fully customizable reporting engine to allow you to create the type of report you are proud to send to your clients. In this article, I will take you through some of the key information that you need to know about client portals before you start implementing one on your business website.

Share Any Type of File

Do you upload and download a number of files everyday for your online business? Is it becoming a hassle with the plugin you use now? Our WordPress File Sharing System is the number one system for online businesses! The WordPress File Sharing System is the simplicity and ease you need and deserve while running your online business. How often are you uploading your clients information to a database or uploading files for you clients to see on their own hubpages. When it comes to file sharing things can get a little chaotic but with the WordPress File Sharing System from WP-Client, uploading and downloading any type of file is a breeze!

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Benefits to the WordPress File Sharing System

Wordpress Client Management

Wp Client
  1. Upload and type of file you need
  2. Easy and simple to use
  3. Fast uploading time
  4. UberLoader lets you upload files in bulk
  5. Used directly on your website

Our UberLoader allows for you to upload files in bulk instead of one by one, making it easy, efficient and fast for you. If you ever have to upload files for a Project Team to see, you will never have to worry about doing it in one easy upload. With the UberLoader available the size of the upload will never be an issue again, as the UberLoader implements file “chunking” in order to work around file upload size limitations (works on most servers).

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Our WordPress File Sharing System is a great feature to have while running your website. If installed this system is used directly on your website, so if you often have clients upload or download materials, they are never forwarded to a foreign site to upload something and no pop up screen to annoy them will come up! This feature really gives you a peace of mind knowing you have a sturdy system under your company’s belt.

Overall, the WordPress File Sharing System is the best plugin you could have when starting out an online business. Clients are hard to take care of and keep track of, with a file sharing system like our you can stay on top of their information and keep them in the loop right from your own website. For more information check out www.wp-client.com today and trying installing it for your WordPress website!

Help Wp Client Plugin

  • Has any existing users for wp-client had any communication from them in 2020?

    We can’t get any response from them, we’ve tried:
    * raising support tickets
    * rasing priority support tickets
    * emailing their support email
    * emailing their legacy support email
    * posting on their facebook page (posts just get removed)

    Does anyone know what has happened to wp-client or another means of contact?

    Their plugin is no longer listed on wordpress.org, so they don’t have a dedicated wordpress.org support forum for the plugin.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

  • https://make.wordpress.org/cli/handbook/installing/ read support and contact

    We have recently contacted their support, too. They replied at the beginning, but then stopped and it feels like they are simply ignoring our emails. Haven’t heard from them since Feb 24.

    They just charged my credit card an automatic renewal fee. Not surprisingly, I was surprised, I haven’t used the software in quite a while, deleted it from the site. No notice, just boom, an automatic charge on the credit card.
    There’s been zero response to multiple emails. Nothing. Nada. Just took my money and no recourse.
    Going to initiate a chargeback I guess. People that do this kind of thing….just unbelievable.

    Blackberry desktop manager program. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Use the BlackBerry Contact Catalog to find available support options. From the BlackBerry Contact Catalog drop-down menu, please select the following: Select Technical Support; Select BlackBerry Smartphones & Smartphone Software; Select the appropriate product from Product Type.

    This is the website of the developers (at least it says so): https://saas-services.com/ They do not reply to any emails either, but there’s a phone +1 (252) 515-1126. Maybe you can try calling them.

    Has anyone had any joy contacting them? I raised a call weeks ago and they started to reply, apparently it’s gone to their developers and I haven’t heard a word since.

    Does anyone know of an alternative client portal that is actually supported by a support team.

    No, not really… their support isn’t useful, and once it’s “gone to developers” there’re no replies.
    This solution is not for “not-so-techy” users for sure. Perhaps it’s better for those who know PHP and know how to code so they are able to modify it the way they need it without developing the whole thing from a scratch.


    I wished I had seen this thread before I committed to the product. The e-mail notification function is not working on a brand new install and I am getting nowhere with support. I am not looking good to my client. I could hire a programmer to troubleshoot but at significant cost. Without the notification functionality, the product is barely useful.

    If anybody knows of any recourse I have, I would appreciate some feedback.

    Thank You.

    Hello all, as of last year, we are providing support for this plugin, we are able to help with all the bug fixes for our clients who were also not able to get support like you. we started working on this for ourselves, then people started asking us for help. if you need help with Customizations, troubleshooting and custom feature development for WP-Client, let us know – fb.com/hiivetech & 265991586436 (Whatsapp)

    George will assist