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The next thing to do is to check your EverNote account for an email address that allows you to send a message directly to your EverNote database. That will be the entry point for Jott.

  • One of the best things about Evernote is that it works pretty much everywhere, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and on the web. If you want to get a little bit more from Evernote, such as.
  • Evernote is a cross-platform app that serves many purposes—it can be your digital file cabinet, note-taking tool, daily journal, task or project management system, recipe-keeper, and more.

27 Oct 2011

Drag any often used note (to-do list, train schedule, etc) to the favorites bar for a shortcut directly to the note.

If you find yourself searching for a particular note multiple times a day, this is a great way to keep it easily accessible.

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*Note: this feature is currently only available on Evernote for the Mac for users with the latest version of Evernote and Lion OSX.

11 Oct 2011

Get version control over your notes with the note history feature. If you or someone you’re sharing a notebook with makes a change to a note you don’t, like you can easilly roll back to a previously synced note using the note history feature. This feature is only available to Premium users. Check out our complete list premium features here.

Several times each day Evernote will check to see if any notes have changed. If they have, it’ll make a new snapshot of those notes and add them to your Note History stored on our servers.

30 Sep 2011

Add any file you’re working on to your Evernote account. We’ll back it up and make it available on any computer or device you use, wherever you are.

  • Mac: (shown above) drag a file into a note or onto the Evernote dock icon or use the File->Attach File menu option.
  • Windows: Drag a file in a note or right click in a note and choose the File option.
  • Evernote Web: Edit a note, then drag file onto the note header or click the paperclip icon.

24 Aug 2011

Remember your perfect monitor display settings in Evernote.

After you get your monitor setup just the way you like, take a screenshot and add it to Evernote so you will always have it. If you accidentally change the settings, switch monitors or reconfigure your setup you can easily reference the note.

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15 Jul 2011

Share Google+ Content Directly Into Evernote

All of your friends on Google+ are sharing tons of great content. Sometimes you want to keep track of this content, so why not capture it directly into your Evernote account? Follow these simple steps to do just that…

09 May 2011

Take note of gift ideas in Evernote as they happen

When someone close to you subtly or not so subtly mentions a gift idea take note right away. Make a snapshot note, text note or voice note and tag it with “gift”, their name or both. When it comes time to pick the perfect gift you will have a list of great ideas to choose from.

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18 Apr 2011

Keep track of all of your fitness goals and progress in Evernote. Each note automatically gets a date stamp, so you can easily go back and view what you were doing on a particular day.

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15 Mar 2011

How to get the best Web Clips with Evernote.

When you come across something on the internet (text, images, or both), first highlight the portion you want to capture, then click on the Evernote clipper installed in your browser. This will ensure you’re only clipping the portions you want, without any of the extras.

*Evernote has clippers available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

09 Mar 2011

Keep track of all of your great ideas in Evernote. If you have an idea, capture it right away with a voice note, snapshot note or text note using Evernote on your phone or computer.

26 Jan 2011

Premium Tip: Note history

Evernote premium users get access to their note history. Evernote makes a copy of any notes in your account that have changed since the last time the system checked. Several times each day Evernote will check to see if any notes have changed. If they have, it’ll make a new snapshot of those notes and make them available in your note history.

Click here for more details

14 Jan 2011

If you’re new to Evernote or know someone that is. You can check out our brand new Getting Started Guide to get you going: Getting Started With Evernote

04 Jan 2011

How to Save Holiday Receipts, Warranties and Find Lost Manuals

Once you have an Evernote account, log in and create a folder called “Holiday 2010,” which is where you’ll keep all of the important information for the gifts you’ve received.Since almost any warranty will require a receipt or a gift receipt, the next thing you need to do is scan or take pictures of all your receipts and warranty info as well as the actual items. Type in the name of the item as the note title and save the note.

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20 Dec 2010

Evernote Tips for Freelancers

Clients- Once you land the new client, you can set up a new notebook for them. From that point on, any new information can go into that notebook with tags.

  • Tag with the person you talked to
  • Each client has a notebook
  • Each project has a tag and or notebook
  • Meeting notes

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10 Dec 2010

Are your notes in sync?

If you are adding content to the Evernote desktop and need it to be available on your other devices right away, be sure to hit the sync button before you close Evernote. You can hit the sync button at any time to force sync your account by simply clicking on the sync button.

*Evernote for desktop automatically syncs on its own every few minutes. This is the default setting, to change this go to Preferences>Sync - then select the preferred interval from the drop down menu.

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08 Dec 2010

Premium Tip: Get super sized upload limits with Evernote Premium. When you upgrade your account you get 500mb of uploads each month. That’s a whole lot of high-res images, files and web clips.

When you’re starting a new writing project, it’s sometimes helpful to rethink the writing apps in your toolbox.

Even if you’re a pen-on-paper writer for the first draft, you’ll have to translate your writing to a digital format at some point in the process. Here are a few writing apps to help you, broken out by the type of project you might be working on.

3 Great Online Writing Apps

1 Grammarly


Grammarly is a writing assistant. We provide clear, constructive writing suggestions that work where you work, enabling better understanding between people. Our products can help you with grammar, spelling, punctuation, conciseness, clarity, readability, and more.

What Is Evernote

Where to use it: grammarly.com

Real-time writing feedback, wherever you need it.

2 Evernote Web

Evernote is a platform that allows you to take all kinds of notes. It’s also a great place to start writing if you’d like a clean, easily-accessible interface. Using Evernote also can help you stay organized so you can juggle and locate multiple writing projects at once.

Where to use it: evernote.com

3 Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with other people. As a writing app, it’s helpful when you’d like to collaborate with someone else on a writing project, like an editor or co-author.

Where to use it: docs.google.com

4 Draft

Draft is an online writing app that combines collaboration and editing features. Its version control features are helpful for keeping track of your changes, and it can work with other online writing apps.

Where to use it: draftin.com

Here’s a tip: Did you know Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension works with the four writing apps listed below? Try it out and let us know what you think!
Grammarly helps you wherever you write.

2 Helpful Blogging Apps

1 Medium

Medium allows you to share your stories and ideas with the world. It is both the home of several well-known publications and a great place to publish your writing if you’re interested in making your perspectives and experiences available to a wider audience.

Where to use it: medium.com

2 WordPress.com

WordPress.com helps you start a blog or build a website in seconds without any technical knowledge. The software it’s based on (confusingly named WordPress.org), powers 32% of the Internet, so it’s a very popular blogging platform. With WordPress, you can create custom blogs easily and share them on a custom website of your choosing.

Where to use it: wordpress.com

Here’s a tip: Did you know Grammarly’s Google Chrome extension works with both of these blogging apps? Try it out and let us know what you think!
Grammarly can help with that.

4 Distraction-Free Writing Apps

For some projects, you need a space to type out the first draft, without the temptation of social media, notifications, and other online distractors. There are several writing apps that offer you the ability to write in peace, but here are a few of our favorites.

1 Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely-known word processors. But did you know that it can also be used for focused writing? Using “focus mode,” you can hide Word’s toolbars, allowing for minimal distractions.

Where to use it: Desktop app for Mac

Here’s a tip: Did you know that Grammarly works with Microsoft Office on Windows devices? You can learn more about how to add Grammarly to Microsoft Office here.

2 WriteRoom

WriteRoom is a distraction-free environment for Mac. It promotes a full-screen environment that allows Mac users to “focus on writing.”

Where to use it: Desktop app for Mac

What Is Evernote On My Laptop

3 iA Writer

iA Writer removes distractions, giving you a calm, focused writing space. Their focused writing environment is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Where to use it: Desktop and mobile writing apps

4 Grammarly Native Apps for Mac and Windows

Grammarly’s native applications for Mac and Windows allow you to write what you mean, without distraction. You can either view helpful writing suggestions on everything from punctuation to tone, or you can hide them and keep typing your draft.

Where to use it: Desktop apps for Mac and Windows