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New Curated Vox-L Mods

Voxel Builder Casino Games Made With The Voxel Builder & 3D Pixel Maker What is Voxel Builder? Open source tool that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel. Use the Builder to create and edit voxel (AKA cube) models. What is the Purpose? Use Voxel Builder to Create the most interesting Online. . Downloaded Vox-L will display “Loading” in bottom left when the in-game browser is loading (helps ameliorate the feeling that the game is not responding when you click a UI element that loads a new page). Downloaded Vox-L’s normal blockly coding interface (non-badges) now has a back button in the tool bar.

We’ve specifically made some mods that are playable in your browser using the Vox-L game engine! But of course these mods should work in Minecraft too. LearnToMod modders can explore and remix this code to create their own mini-games:

Check out the new Vox-L Arena Mod — Grab your sword and shield and get ready to fight off a wave of zombies in the battle to end all battles!

The Vox-L Hallway of Doom — Fight for your life in this wave-based survival mod!

Wordpress nginx. Want to make your own Vox-L mod? Carlos, one of our LearnToMod devs, has released an quick-and-easy tutorial on the Forums.

Vox-L Release 0.12

We’re excited about the new 0.12 release of our Vox-L game engine! There are some fixes and new features that LearnToMod users will be psyched about:

* Music volume is now set to 0 by default. Can be increased via music artifact.
* All assets, including light sabers, should now display correctly in the character’s hand when viewed in the character window.
* When items are obtained, they will correctly “stack” in your inventory.
UI Changes
* When items are obtained, they no longer are added to your hotbar. They can be dragged there from the main inventory window, though.
* A 3×3 crafting window now pops up when you press ‘e’. You can drag items to and from it.

Vox Lux

* The “block drops” artifact now causes blocks to be removed from the inventory when you place them — more consistent with Minecraft survival mode.
* New – Basic recipes artifact. Adds Minecraft-style recipes for swords and axes.
* New – Give all items artifact. Gives you all items and blocks when Voxl loads. Waits for 30 seconds before doing this, so that it can include items and blocks defined by other artifacts.
Javascript API

Vox Liberal Or Conservative

* Recipes can now be defined via javascript. See new recipe artifact source code for example.
* “Loot window” can now be populated and popped up via javascript. Example: me.setLootWindowItems([“Diamond”, “Cactus”]). Items can be dragged between the loot window and the player’s inventory window.