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By using VirtualBox, you can install Windows on your Mac. This enables you to run Windows-only applications on your Mac. Here are the main steps involved in installing Windows on a Mac: Download and Install VirtualBox. To get the April 2018 update on a Windows PC, use a User Agent switcher (browser extension) to spoof Linux or Mac. That way, the Microsoft website will offer ISO's, and even give you version options. Last edited by socratis on 30. If you need Windows, you’ll be prompted to download and install Windows 10 or use your Boot Camp installation. You may also migrate your Windows PC. or use Linux, like Ubuntu. Lightning Fast Graphic and resource-hungry Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac. – Windows 10 – 8 GB RAM – 60 GB of free disk space – VirtualBox Windows and Expansion Pack (found here) – macOS Big Sur ISO image file (found here) – A command file (download here) Please Note: All image files are created only for educational purposes. Any misuse of any files is not our responsibility.

Guest additions adds important features such as: better mouse integration, automatic drive mapping of shares to Mac OS, Cut/Paste and Drag/Drop between host and guest operating systems, and better video scaling

Note: The version of VirtualBox Guest Additions must match the version of VirtualBox being used on the host.

Open the VirtualBox Application on your Mac.

Click on VirtualBox in the Finder and select About VirtualBox.

Locate the version information on the VirtualBox about screen.

Return to your running Windows 10 Learning Environment virtual machine. Open a web browser in the VM.

Go to and complete the URL using your version number to locate the correct ISO file, e.g. or go to and click through links navigating to the correct VBoxGuestAdditions version.

Download the appropriate ISO file that matches your Installed VirtualBox version.

Save VBoxGuestAdditions ISO file locally on your virtual machine.

Go to your Download folder in the Windows 10 VM and double click on the VBoxGuestAdditions ISO file.

Double click on the VBoxWindowsAdditions installer.

Click Yes.

Click Next.

Click Next. Acrylic paint brushes sizes.

Click Install.

During the installation process the remote console window on your virtual machine will turn black. Click back in the window until the video returns. It usually take a minute or two.

Click Finish to restart your VM. The Windows 10 virtual machine will have to restart before the new features become available.

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Virtualbox Install Windows 10 On MacI run an hp laptop with amd processor, 4 gig ram, with virtualization active in my BIOS and BCDedit turned off. (see older posting). I am able to install windows 10 until the very last step of configuration. I got the error OOBEREGION. I went to MS support. Not much other than try again. I even change my country to USA and us keyboard. No luck.

Install Windows 10 On Mac With Virtualbox

Could it be possible something else in the BIOS needs to be change?

Virtualbox Installer Windows 10 Sur Mac

Did anyone encounter this error in virtual box before, how did they resolve it?

Virtualbox Install Macos Sierra On Windows 10

Virtualbox Mac On Windows 10

This is a fresh ISO file made from microsoft support web site, from the same laptop. I am lost. Can anyone assist in detail what to do?