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  • A video of a parrot eating an apple from human hands is now going viral. Take a look at the amazing video shared on Twitter.

  • Nicki minaj twitter. The video featured a seagull who stealthily attempted to grab some snacks from the local supermarket. The results were surprisingly hilarious!

  • Viral Video: A satisfying video of a fridge being cleaned out and neatly organised has made for an addictive watch for Twitter users.

  • A man in Ghaziabad was arrested for spitting on roti while making it. The video went viral on Twitter, with people reacting strongly against the incident.

  • A Twitter video that shows chicken being dipped in chocolate before being fried has appalled netizens. Watch it to believe it!

  • Viral Video: A man tried to remove the excess pepper on his poached egg with a miniature vacuum cleaner, with hilariously unexpected results.

  • A father and chef at a restaurant in Turkey taught his son how to chop vegetables quickly, and the son imitated his father with surprising ease.

  • A hilarious video of a 2-year-old toddler baking cookies with his grandmother has gone viral on the internet, and trust us, it's just too adorable to ignore.

  • A restaurant in Delhi denied entry to a customer who was in Indian ethnic wear. A video of the incident went viral on Twitter, with verified users joining in the heated debate.

  • A video of Rohit Sharma eating his food at the dugout went viral, leaving several Twitter users in splits.

  1. Video Viral Twitter 2020
Video Viral Twitter

Video Viral Twitter 2020

1 day ago  Video screenshot A video originating in Logan, Utah, has gone viral thanks to a dog. The Grizzly Invitational high school track meet last weekend had the makings of a normal competition when, during the girls 4x200 relay, a dog ran out onto the track and got right in the action. 1 day ago  A TikTok video of the two has gone viral with over 75,000 views. The Eastfield Mall marketing manager made the video when mall staff realized the pair had made their nest in the parking lot.