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Take a look at your key competitors’ Twitter feeds. If you weren’t reading the Tweets with their handle attached, would you know who'd sent them?

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Tap the Tweet compose icon Tap the voice icon Tap the red record button to begin recording your message, then tap Done when you’re finished. You have the option to add Tweet text and/or start a thread with multiple Tweets. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it added a new feature that will enable iOS users to create tweets using their voice. Social media platform Twitter is set to change the way how people tweet. In a blog post, Twitter announced that it is introducing voice-based tweets. “Starting today, we’re testing a new. Voice tweets can be created by opening up the tweet composer and tapping the new wavelengths icon. From there, a screen opens with a user's Twitter icon, which can be tapped to begin a recording.

And what about your Twitter feed? Do your Tweets read like they come from your brand? Or are they a somewhat disjointed collection of communications, reflecting the tone of various authors?

Twitter Voice Tweets Tonight

It takes a consistent and engaging brand personality to build community engagement on Twitter. That’s why a well-defined brand voice is an important part of your marketing toolkit.

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Differentiate yourself from competitors

You may not think of mattress companies as being especially differentiated when it comes to branding, but @Casper's Twitter feed is definitely not like any of its competitors. The brand combines an often sassy attitude with content that focuses on demonstrating the science of sleep.

Twitter Voice Tweets This Week

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On Wednesday, June 17, Twitter launched a brand-new voice note feature that lets you record voice clips to publish as tweets. Because 280 characters of text aren't always enough to explain your meaning, you can now tweet using your own voice. If you aren't seeing it in your app, here's why you don't have Twitter voice notes.

Twitter Voice Tweets Accessibility

The new Twitter feature is not hard to find for those who have it once you know what you're looking for. If you haven't found voice notes yet, you may be looking in the wrong spot. To check, try composing a tweet. If you see an icon with waves on it by the camera icon, you have the feature. If you still don't see it, here are a couple of reasons you may not have it. If you have an iPhone, the feature will still be rolling out for some over the next couple of weeks, so if you're not seeing it yet, keep checking until it appears, or try updating your Twitter app. Twitter released the feature to a select number of iPhones, but the feature will roll out to other iPhones in the next few weeks.


The second reason, unfortunately, is not something you can fix. If you have an Android phone, you're out of luck, as Twitter isn't releasing the feature on Android. For now, it will only be available on iOS. While it's unclear if Twitter will make the feature available for everyone in the future, there is always an expansion possibility when a feature is released as a test first.

To use the Twitter voice notes feature, open up the Tweet composer. Then, tap on the wavelength icon to the left of the camera button. This will take you to a page with your profile photo and a record button beneath it. Hit record to start capturing your voice note tweet. Twitter lets you record up to 140 seconds of audio, which is a bit over two minutes. But, if that isn't enough, don't hit the stop button. Instead, keep talking, as Twitter will automatically create a new voice tweet in the same thread for you. When you're finished, select the Done button to end your recording. If you're ready to make it official, tap 'Tweet' to post it to Twitter.

Once you've finished a voice tweet, you and your followers will see it in the feed, with an image of your profile picture and the option to hit play.

Twitter Voice Tweets Trump

Although Android users won't be able to create voice notes on Twitter, they'll still be able to see them in the feed, listen to them, and comment on them, so they won't be completely left out.

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Twitter's new voice note tweets join the company's other recent efforts to expand ways users can express themselves on the social media platform. Other recent additions being tested included the Twitter Fleets feature and live photo GIFs. This new Twitter test feature will ~hopefully~ be here to stay as a permanent addition to the app if it does well.