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The latest tweets from @tamilvideos. Spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Wednesday launched a 100 tweets Twitter campaign with an aim to bring people’s attention to the poor condition of temples in Tamil Nadu. He has been demanding since long to ‘Free Tamil Nadu’s Temples’ from government control. The latest tweets from @Karan92291564. Note: Tweet translation is available on, Twitter for iOS, Twitter for Android,, Twitter Lite, Twitter for Windows, and TweetDeck. To learn more about Google’s translation service, read their disclaimer.

Tweeters love actresses more than actors. Maybe thats the reason why there are more followers for Tamil actress but not much for Tamil actors. This top list of tamil actresses on twitter has no one less than 100 thousand followers!

Halo 5 steam. This is an informal list, and so the readers are not encouraged to scale.

1. Genelia D’Souza (@geneliad)

This actress started her acting career when she was 16 years old and entered into Tamil movies with Boys. She is also one of the early celebrities on twitter. Her known bubbly character and presence in various film industries like Tamil, Telugu and Hindi made here number one in the list. She is the only actress in the list to have million followers on twitter(1,074,831).

2. Trisha Krishnan (@trishtrashers)

This Miss Chennai actress has a huge fan following both in Tamil and Telugu. She is number 2 in the list. She is a great animal lover and campaigns animal adaptation on twitter. She now has 400 thousand twitter followers(404,756).

3. Shruti Hassan (@shrutihaasan)

Shruti Hassan started her main stream acting career from a Hindi film and returned to Tamil cinema in 7am arivu. Though she is consistent in Telugu she is the daughter of legendary actor Kamal Hassan. She now has 300 thousand twitter followers(363,988).


4. Sameera Reddy (@reddysameera)

Sameera actress stole many Tamil hearts with her presence in Vaaranam Aayiram and has few Tamil films under her caps. She is number four in the list and she has more than 300 thousand followers(356,539).


5. Shriya Saran (@shriyasmiling)

A glamorous actress in both Tamil and Telugu cinema, who came into limelight by pairing with Superstar Rajnikanth is number 5. She has her presence in various film industries like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and English. She has 200 thousand twitter followers(229,680).

6. Hansika Motwani (@_Hansika)

Hansika is number 6 in the list. She is known for her child acting performance and also known well in both Tamil and Telugu film industry. She has 100 thousand followers in twitter(174,303).

7. Taapsee Pannu (@taapsee)

This Delhi born actress in a model turned actor who is prominent in both Tamil and Telugu film industry. She has two beauty titles ‘Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face’ and ‘Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin’ in her cap. There are more than 150 thousand followers(161,501) in twitter.

8. Richa Gangopadhyay (@richyricha)

Richa is another model turned actor, who made her acting debut in Telugu and made her Tamil debut in Mayakkam Enna. Lets hope she does more tamil movies in future and she is number 8 in the list. She has 144 thousand followers(144,654).

9. Divya Spandana (@divyaspandana)

Ramya alaise Divya is the leading actress in Kannada film industry. But also makes her presence in Tamil films when there is chance. This Kuthu actress is number 9 in the list with more than 115 thousand followers(115,063).

10. Priya Anand (@PriyaWajAnand)

Priya is simple elegant who is also prominent in both Tamil and Telugu industry. Recently she claimed critical acclaim for her Hindi film English Vinglish acting along with legendary Sridevi. She now has more than 114 thousand followers on twitter(114,850).

What are your favourite twitter actors?

Spiritual leader Sadhguru launched a '100 tweets' Twitter campaign on Wednesday to bring people's attention to the dilapidated condition of temples in Tamil Nadu. Soon after, several people tweeted in support of the 'Free Tamil Nadu's Temples' campaign.

In a strong statement to the political parties and the government in the state, Sadhguru said in his tweet: '#FreeTNTemples a Movement born of deep Anguish. Today I am putting 100 tweets, not to browbeat anybody, but just out of deep pain. Anguished cry of the community must be heard.'

#FreeTNTemples- a Movement born of deep Anguish. Today I am putting 100 tweets, not to browbeat anybody, but just out of deep pain. Anguished cry of the community must be heard. [email protected]@[email protected]/NYeOFUPoy9

— Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) March 24, 2021

Due to the unfortunate legacy that the East India Company left us with, the Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu continue to be in the control of the government. This has led to the deterioration and suffocation of glorious Tamil traditions. The HR&CE (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department), which holds 44,121 temples in the state, told the Madras High Court that 11,999 temples have no revenue to perform even one daily puja.

The heart-wrenching tweets featured pictures and videos sent in by devotees from all over Tamil Nadu, documenting the neglect and dilapidation of what were once magnificent citadels of Tamil ethos.

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The temple lying in a dilapidated condition in Tamil Nadu

In a video accompanying the tweet, Sadhguru says: 'It is heartrending to see these great works of art, the very Soul of Tamil Culture, the very Heart of the Tamil people, the very source of the Devotion which has nurtured this land, nurtured this language, nurtured our arts and crafts..everything! Everything that is Tamil is rooted in devotion, and the fulcrum of this devotion is Temple. Today, seeing them in such a pathetic state, where thousands of them are in ruins, unattended to, and others moving in that direction it is time these temples are freed.'

Thousands of citizens have voiced their distress by sharing pictures, videos and tweets. The entire collection reveals an extent of deterioration that is truly shocking.

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Temples with overgrown shrubbery, damaged walls with vegetation growing out of them, caved-in roofs, forlorn empty sanctums, broken idols and pillars lying discarded to one side, the tweets show. Some structures have been occupied by the caretakers and lived in as dwellings. The temple ponds, too, have run dry. All the images reveal a civilization in despair.

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Twitter user @poornimathreya records the state of Vijayavaradarajar temple in Baburayanpettai. 'For years people have photographed & blogged disconsolately over the most heart-wrenching state of this temple & yet it stands untouched, unrelieved of its agony. How can I expect Perumal to reside here?'

Some tweets in support of the movement

Damaged 100-pillar Kubera Sannidhi, dead cats at the outer circle and the temple tank being used as a toilet: will I want to go again? #Vaacheswarar Temple, Tirupachur. Share pictures if you have seen sights like these! Let's

— Indu Jagan (@InduJagan) March 15, 2021Tamil

Temples are the heart and soul of Tamil people. Our forefathers devoted their lives to create these magnificent structures which lived on for many centuries. I feel sorry that in my generation, we have really killed these vibrant places.

— Abhi (@Abhishk1009) March 22, 2021

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