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  • Twitter users drag Daddy Freeze to filth, dig out old video where he dined and celebrated Hushpuppi’s wealth. June 26, 2020. Following the confirmation of the arrest of Nigerian Dubai-based big boy, Ray Hushpuppi by the Dubai police yesterday.
  • Elon Musk has left Twitter users confused after he claimed to have deleted his social media account and changed his display name to 'Daddy DotCom.' Technology billionaire Musk, 47, posted the name.

Twitter is a great place to share our lives and opinions, it has become a great social media platform of choice for many sugar baby and sugar daddy/mommy. There are many people looking for sugar daddie or sugar baby on Twitter. However, many sugar babies say that it is difficult to find a real sugar daddy / mommy. Today, let’s talk about why it is so hard to find a real sugar daddy/mommy on Twitter.

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If you are a sugar baby, you may want to find some sugar baby like you or sugar daddy / mommy you are interested, meanwhile, sugar daddy and sugar mommy want to find a sugar baby they like. Therefore, many sugar daddy created tweets to tell people that they want a sugar baby. If you are new to here, you probably think all their posts are real, all of them is real sugar daddy / mommy. In fact not, you finally will found, almost all those claim they are real or legit or serious”sugar daddy” are FAKE, are SCAMMERS.

  • Why they are not sugar daddy / sugar mommy but claim they are and want a sugar baby?

Most of them want your bank infomation or a gift card. Sure, the bank account number is not completely “private” (anyone you give the check to can see it), but can still be used to withdraw funds from your account. Corner paint brush.

  • How to know if he / she is a scammer?

Check their profile and tweets – All of their tweets are similar: “First 50 baby to Retweet & Follow me will get $$…” The frequency of posting is high, 3-5 posts a day or 1 post an hour, and them have not shared or reposted other contents, then he or she is mostly like a fake sugar daddy or mommy.

Normally, one will not only share one thing, at least they will retweet tweets from others or follow trends or share some other things.

Please be cautious about reposting this content. If you repost their posts without knowing whether they are the real sugar daddy / mommy, this will mislead others, which is equivalent to helping these scammers expand their influence. When you find that a person is a scammer, please report and block him.

2. Twitter Can Not Stop Scammers.

Everyone can have more than 1 account on Twitter. You can register to get a number through your mailbox and mobile phone number, or you can buy some accounts through some channels to use. The platform cannot know who is using these account. So this makes it easy for them to be active on this platform. Of course, you can report them and them will use another account with a new name, you can stop but can not make them disappear. I do not mean that you can let the scammers go. Otherwise, fake sugar daddy and sugar mommy will become more and more.

3. Most Real Sugar Daddy Will Not Find a Sugar Baby on Social Media.
  • Social media is difficult to really understand and trust a person. People hide their true selves for profit. Everyone lives under a mask, the sugar baby wants a real sugar daddy, also the sugar daddy wants a real sugar baby. So people is hard to trust a person on the social media.

Twitter Daddy Son

  • Most sugar daddy want to build a sercret and mutually beneficial relationship. There are many family, friends, business partners on their social media, and some sugar daddy don’t want to let others know he want a sugar baby, hope it is a sercret, so he won’t share his needs on his social media.

Therefore, the real sugar daddy is hard to find on Twitter or other social media, even if there are, they are covered by a lot of fake sugar daddy’s fake posts.

Now, we know social media like Twitter is so hard to find a real sugar daddy, mainly due to:

  1. 90% Sugar Daddy on Twitter are Scammers
  2. Twitter Can Not Stop Scammers.
  3. Most Real Sugar Daddy Will Not Find a Sugar Baby on Social Media.
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If you want to find a real sugar daddy through a easy and effective way, just have a look my another post: Which is the best way to find a sugar daddy quickly? I think it will make you have some good ideas.

Twitter Daddy Issues

Have you ever met a fake sugar daddy / sugar mommy? Welcome to share your valuable experience, to help other sugar babies avoid detours.