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Toast 8 Titanium
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Highlights of new Toast 8 Titanium - the standard for disc burning on the Mac. Toast 8 Titanium is a major milestone in the life of Roxio's popular CD and DVD burning utility, introducing TiVoToGo support, Blu-Ray disc support and myriad enhancements designed to make it.

Roxio Toast
Stable release19 [±]
Preview releasen/a (n/a) [±]
Operating systemMac OS X
TypeOptical disc authoring software
WebsiteRoxio Toast

Roxio Toast is an optical disc authoring and media conversionsoftware application for Mac OS X. Its name is a play on the word burn, a term used for the writing of information onto a disc through the use of a laser.

Discs can be burned directly through Mac OS X, but Toast provides added control over the process as well as extra features, including file recovery for damaged discs, cataloging and tracking of files burned to disc. It also provides support for audio and video formats that Quicktime does not support, such as FLAC and Ogg.

Toast was developed by Dr. Markus Fest and his company Miles Software GmbH and distributed by Astarte. In 1997, the product was purchased by Adaptec, and later transferred to Roxio (then a division of Adaptec).[1]

Version 4 is the last release that can run on System 7 with a 68k CPU.[2] Version 5 introduced support for Video CD and DVD authoring,[3] which was improved in version 6 by addition of MPEG-2 encoding.[4]Claude taylor twitter.

Toast 8 Titanium Update


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Toast 8 Titanium

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