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Are you sick of watching TV on a low-quality set-top box TV? We don’t blame you.

The old way of watching television is a thing of the past. Today TickBox TV has hit the scene to revolutionize the way we watch our favorite TV shows. If you’ve never heard of TickBox TV, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is TickBox TV?

TickBox TV is a device that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows in 720p, 1080p, and even in as high quality as 4k Ultra HD quality! With TickBox TV, you will have the chance to watch every new movie, TV, and live event released on television at no cost to you.

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This android box is compatible with any TV, and it comes with a user-friendly remote control. TickBox also allows users to use their keyboard as a control if they prefer.

TickBox comes with over 50,000 radio stations being live streamed in real time. You can also access complete albums from your favorite artists – without activating any satellite radio or subscription service like Spotify.

Basically, TickBox TV is the easy ticket to transforming your standard television into a Smart TV in no time at all! This adaptable android box allows you to watch your favorite videos, movies, and shows without buffering, skipping, or delays. How? It also comes with high-speed internet access!


Enjoy your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home. Access classic video games, YouTube, Facebook, or any other popular website.

Using Your TickBox TV

The best part of the TickBox is how user-friendly it is. It’s very simple to set up and enjoy – all you need to do is plug in the USB or HDD to your TickBox. From there, your favorite movies are ready to be accessed! Say goodbye to slow moving cursors and enjoy the stable, buffer-free connection. You can forget about paying for sky-high cable costs. Instead, use a TickBox TV to watch unlimited TV shows, sporting events, and movies at just the click of a few buttons!

It’s a completely legal way to access all your favorite live shows, movies, and TV shows without any monthly fees. How is that possible? Because TickBox is hosted by a third party that gives you access to all the videos you could possibly want!

So, if there’s no monthly fee involved, we know what you’re thinking: How do I get one in my home?

After a one-time payment, users can watch unrestricted and unlimited movies and television using TickBox TV. After this one-time payment has been made, you’ll never need to make additional payments to access movies or TV shows. TickBox TV offers hundreds of channels, including the big names like Fox News, CNN, and ESPN.

Don’t waste your time and money on a monthly subscription to a cable connection or another setup box. With TickBox TV, you don’t need to worry about buffering or not having access to any TV shows. We love TickBox TV because it allows users to watch any show, Hollywood blockbuster, or live sporting events anywhere they choose! It’s as simple as connecting the TickBox TV to a TV. You can even use it to access apps on Google Play!

Our Favorite Features

We thought TickBox sounded almost too good to be true. However, after using it, we discovered that all the promises it made were spot on. After our experience with TickBox, these were some of our favorite features:

  • Internet connectivity capabilities.
  • Fast Quad-Core processor and a Penta-Core graphics processor.
  • 8GB EMMC Flash, hardware 3D graphics acceleration, and 1GB DDr3 SDRAM included.
  • Users can install TV apps available on the Google Play store.
  • Device is compatible with standard computer monitors that have an HDMI input.

There’s so much that TickBox TV offers, we doubt users will be able to tap into its full potential. But one thing is certain: it offers all the TV, movies, and access to view live events that you could possibly need – and does so much more!


  • Powered by Android 5.1, allowing users to install many Android TV apps.
  • No payments after one-time fee.
  • Works in any country.
  • Fast, high-quality streaming.

Tick Box Cost

  • Offers 100% money back guarantee.


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  • Requires stable internet connection.
  • Doesn’t allow downloads.

The Verdict

We think that there’s a lot to love about TickBox TV. Unless you’re in search of something that doesn’t require an internet connection or allows downloads, then TickBox TV just might be the streaming solution you’ve been looking for to kick your cable connection once and for all!

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TickBox TV comes with tons of features, allowing any type of user to find something to enjoy. Accessible to phones and tablets, users have access to over 8000 apps! Use TickBox TV to surf the web, check email, and watch YouTube videos. The possibilities are endless! So, what are you waiting for? Try TickBox TV yourself today!

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