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ITALIAN COMPOSER OF THE RED PRIEST 'ITALIAN COMPOSER OF THE RED PRIEST' is a 29 letter phrase starting with I and ending with T Crossword clues for 'ITALIAN COMPOSER OF THE RED PRIEST'. Heller's book is the most accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive, and unbiased biography of Vivaldi yet written. While thoroughly scholarly, the book is also highly readable and absolutely packed with fascinating and enlightening information about the famous Red Priest. At the age of 15, he began studying to become a priest. He was ordained in 1703. Due to his red hair, Vivaldi was known locally as 'il Prete Rosso,' or 'the Red Priest.'


Antonio Vivaldi

March 04, 1678 - July 28, 1741

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Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice, Italy, which is where he spent most of his life. His father taught him to play the violin, and the two would often perform together.
Antonio continued to study and practice the violin, even after he became a priest. He was called the 'Red Priest' because of his flaming red hair. However, after a while, his bad asthma kept Antonio from saying Mass.
After that, Vivaldi spent all his time writing music and teaching. He taught at an orphanage for girls, and wrote a lot of music for the girls to play. People came from miles around to hear Vivaldi's talented students perform the beautiful music he had written.
Many people think Vivaldi was the best Italian composer of his time. He wrote concertos, operas, church music and many other compositions. In all, Antonio wrote over 500 concertos. His most famous set of concertos is The Four Seasons.

Composer known as the red priest

Music by Vivaldi:

The Four Seasons: Spring

Duration: 3:33
Composed in 1723 (Baroque Period)
Performed by Capella Istropolitana; Stephen Gunzenhauser, conductor

Shows about Vivaldi:

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The Red Priest Composer

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Composer Called The Red Priest

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The Red Priest Composer

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The Red Priest Composer

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The Red Priest Composer

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