Takako Nishizaki Vivaldi Four Seasons

Takako Nishizaki Vivaldi Four Seasons

Review by Stephen Eddins

Takako nishizaki vivaldi four seasons movieVivaldi
  • Reflections of Nature Relax all year round with glorious scenes of the changing seasons, set to Vivaldi's majestic violin concertos: SPRING I) Allegro II) Largo e pianissimo sempre III) Danza pastorale. SUMMER I) Allegro non molto II) Adagio Presto III. AUTUMN I) Allegro II) Adagio molto III) Allegro.
  • Vivaldi(1678-1741) Violin Concerto'The Four Seasons' 1.Allegro Con Molto2.Largro 3.Allegro斯洛伐克爱乐交响乐团Takako NishizakiConductor:Stephen Gunzenhauser Capella.

The word 'baroque' means something like 'bizarre', and contemporary reports make it plain that Vivaldi's violin-playing was just that, bizarre. Combine this with Italian temperament and the extremes of Mediterranean weather, and you should end up with a 'Four Seasons' that.

This version of Vivaldi's perennially popular set of four violin concertos features Takako Nishizaki as soloist, accompanied by Cappella Istropolitana, led by Stephen Gunzenhauser. Nishizaki and Gunzenhauser deliver straightforward, impressively virtuosic performances of the concertos. The interpretation and playing tend to be on the traditional side, which may be just what some listeners are looking for, but the performance may seem tame to listeners looking for a version that emphasizes the wild vitality and unpredictable juxtapositions of the music that reflect Vivaldi's reputation as a particularly fiery performer. As a bonus, the album includes the composer's less familiar and very brief Concerto alla rustica.

Woocommerce google analytics. Listen to Vivaldi: The Four Seasons; Wind Concerti by Takako Nishizaki, Capella Istropolitana & Failoni Chamber Orchestra, Budapest on Apple Music. Stream songs including 'Concerto in E Major, RV 269, 'Spring': I. Allegro', 'Concerto in E Major, RV 269, 'Spring': II. Largo e pianissimo sempre' and more. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons: Winter, RV297. Takako Nishizaki (violin) Cappella Istropolitana. Stephen Gunzenhauser. Recorded: 12-22 July 1987.

Takako Nishizaki Vivaldi Four Seasons 2

The Four Seasons (Il quattro stagione), concertos (4) for violin, strings & continuo ('Il cimento' Nos. 1-4) , Op. 8/1 - 4
1 Takako Nishizaki 03:32 Amazon
2 Takako Nishizaki 02:39 Amazon
3 Takako Nishizaki 04:22 Amazon
4 Takako Nishizaki 05:24 Amazon
5 Takako Nishizaki 02:33 Amazon
6 Takako Nishizaki 03:08 Amazon
7 Takako Nishizaki 04:48 Amazon
8 Takako Nishizaki 02:45 Amazon
9 Takako Nishizaki 03:20 Amazon
10 Takako Nishizaki 03:30 Amazon
11 Takako Nishizaki 02:20 Amazon
12 Takako Nishizaki 03:16 Amazon
Concerto alla rustica, for strings & continuo in G major, RV 151
13 Takako Nishizaki 01:18 Amazon
14 Takako Nishizaki 01:31 Amazon
15 Takako Nishizaki 01:41 Amazon

Takako Nishizaki Vivaldi Four Seasons

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