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The Steam Summer Sale is live now, with a ton of games on deep discount, special savings, and big changes for the store itself.

The Steam Summer Sale 2020 went live today and will go until July 9 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST (check out our guide to Steam sale dates to see when the next one may arrive). This year's iteration of the summer sale lives up to its reputation as a huge collection of very deep discounts, and the deals get even better past a certain point: you'll save an extra $5 off any purchase of $30 or more. Sounds like Steam's answer to the Epic Games Store's recurring $10 off coupons - while the savings aren't quite as deep, the staggering selection of the Steam store means they're certainly more broad.

Here's a quick selection of five featured deals to get you started.

On top of saving money for the next few weeks, you'll also find that your purchases now grant you Steam Points - 100 of them for every dollar spent. Steam Points are a permanent addition to the shop, and you can spend them at The Points Shop to unlock personalization options for your profile: animated avatars, frames, badges, and more. With the exception of the extra-shiny Summer Golden Profile (which only lasts 30 days), everything you unlock using Steam Points will be yours to keep forever.

You can even use Steam Points to unlock emoticons and backgrounds that you formerly would have had to unlock with Steam trading cards - though you can't trade or sell any of the stuff you buy with Steam Points on the Steam Marketplace. You'll also be able to collect special Steam Summer Sale cards and craft badges to collect the usual assortment of seasonal goodies.

Find some more great titles to look for savings on with our guide to the best PC games.

Holy Franchise Packs BATMAN! Sorry, Batman deals already passed; but holy crap are there a ton of franchise packs this time. Be sure to check the full list at the bottom.



(End 1pm EST June 21)


This game is broken, glitchy, and insane but that’s the whole point of it. This game seems like the perfect game for youtube commentators but you can still have some laughs with this glitch fest alone. What I like about this game is how it really is something you play just for a few laughs and it’s healthy to be reminded that games can be enjoyable or simply entertaining; it feels like some developers and players have forgotten this.

See how fast you can crash this game for $2.49 while the base game is 75% off. You can also pay $4.34 to nab the base game and the “GoatZ” expansion.

Stranded Deep (Early Access)

Here we have a beautiful and ambitious survival game in the works. It currently needs some balancing and an end game to work towards but over all it’s a fresh approach on the survival genre as it tries to be more like Cast Away than anything. If you want to support a game with potential then this might be worth a look.

Pull of your best Tom Hanks impression for $9.89 while the game is 34% off.

If you want a great story experience with a nice sense of humor, and easy to grasp gameplay then look into this title. I don’t want to say too much about it but it really is a creative piece of work which will make you think critically about game design among other things.

Get your walking shoes on for $3.74 while the game is 75% off. This is the lowest I’ve seen the game as it’s normally $4.99.

Killing Floor 1 and 2

This one is for wave survival and Steam Workshop fanatics. The first game has a very strong modding community and can be good fun with friends. It has a frustrating server management system but once you get around the old school trapping you can enjoy some customizable zombie slaying. The second title still has a long way to go for completion but so far it has addressed the major complaints I had with the first so I’m happy to see the developer is understanding of their community.

Kill some zeds for $4.99 while the game and all the DLC is 75% off. You can support and enjoy Killing Floor 2 for $23.99 while the game is 20% off.


(End 1pm EST June 20)

Horror fans who want to see some variety in their games should be very happy to see this one on sale. This reality bending tale is experienced from the perspective of a 2 year old so it has a lot of potential. If you enjoy the more pyschological side of horror then give this one a look-see as you will have to discern what is a real threat and what is just you being a scaredy cat.

Crawl to safety for $4.99 while the game is 75% off.

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I’m not the best source of info for JRPGs but I have to say this one looks pretty awesome. The game has a detailed combat system which takes into account positioning and numerous other factors. People who are tired of seeing RPGMaker projects all over Steam and want a fresh well crafted title should look into this one.

Plan every attack for $9.99 while the game is 50% off.


(End 1pm EST June 20)

If you’ve had Steam for a while then you’ve seen this one on sale a bunch because it always pops up during sales like these. For a long time, I looked at it wondering if I should give it a chance because I really liked the strange aesthetic. After many sales come and gone I finally gave it a try last year and was extremely impressed. This is a very obtuse title but it’s pretty unique and fun once you get the hang of it. Someone described it as a Serious Sam game in an alternate reality where games like Deus Ex were as popular as CoD. That sounds crazy but its actually spot on since the game’s focus really is cyber augmented combat for the sake of it while being place in the xontext of a very “meh” story that kind of feels tacked on to give justify all the crazy things you fight.

Uncover the wonders of Divine Cybermancy for $2.49 while the game is 75% off. There really is a lot of game here for a low price; if you’re interested, I highly suggest looking up a let’s play video or something to help ease you into the game’s mechanics as the character creation system is pretty daunting.

I’ve really become a big fan of projects that take a physical table top game and provide the full experience in a digital format (I freakin love having Ascension on my phone. I also really regret missing the Blood Bowl sale on Steam T_T Oh the irony). This is a board game meant for 1 to 4 players and you can pick up the base game for real cheap but if you and some pals and gals have a blast then there is a bunch of DLC available on sale to expand the experience.

Roll the dice for $1.49 while the game is a crazy 90% off. If you’re really excited about the game then you can pick up the Gold Pack for $23.99 and get all the DLC in one fell swoop (of the credit card). Another more “Kawaii” board game on sale is 100% Orange Juice.




Daily (Cycle every 48 hours)


–Tropico Franchise

-Mortal Kombat Franchise (collection, X, and Komplete)

–Resident Evil Franchise

-Goat Simulator

-Stranded Deep (Early Access)

–Europa Universalis Franchise

–Saints Row Franchise

–Fallout Franchise

–Kerbal Space Program

Mianite. –Age of Empires Franchise

–theHunter: Primal

-The Stanley Parable

-Killing Floor Franchise

–Assassin’s Creed Franchise

Flash (Cycle every 24 hours)

-Among the Sleep


–Men of War: Assault Squad 2

–Ultimate General: Gettysburg

–Grim Dawn (Early Access)

–Just Cause Franchise

–Max Payne Franchise


–Starpoint Gemini 2

–Project CARS

–Titan Quest Gold

-The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

–Serious Sam Franchise

–One Finger Death Punch

Steam Summer Sale 2018 Best Deals

-Space Hulk Original & Ascension


Steam Summer Sale 2017 Best Deals

Monster (Cycle every 24 hours)

-E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy


–The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

–Terra Tech (Early Access)

Steam Summer Sale Best Deals

-Talisman: Digital Edition

–100% Orange Juice

Steam Summer Sale Discount Refund

–Clickteam Fusion 2.5


Steam Summer Sale

–Space Colony: Steam Edition