Steam Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is better with friends! Find out how to add friends across different platforms & how to team up in Fallout 76 in this guide!

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Table of Contents

Adding Friends on Fallout 76

How to Add Friends on PC

You will need the Bethesda.Net username of your friend to be able to add them in the PC version of the game. Send them a Friend Request by inputting their username in the Social Menu of Fallout 76.

How to Add Friends on PS4 / XBOX

Adding friends on PS4 and XBOX will require you to add them through the PS Network or XBOX Live. You can't send friend requests through the Social Menu of the game for consoles.


Friends on PS Network & XBOX Live will Appear on Social Menu

The friends you have in your PS Network and XBOX Live will appear in the Social Menu automatically if they have or are playing Fallout 76. From there, you can join servers to play together!

How to Add Friends In-Game

For players that you meet in the game, adding them is as simple as going to the Social Menu's Recent Tab. Just select their name from the list then send a friend request!

Players Can Also Add Friends in the Menu

Mac deep brunette eyebrow pencil. Alternatively, you can also add friends in the Map. Hover and select their Marker in the Map to get the option to send them a friend request.

No Cross-Platform Play

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform play in Fallout 76. You can only add friends and play with people from the same platform that you are using.

Team Up on Fallout 76

Invite Players to Team Up


You can ask any player to join your team in-game. You will get a prompt to send Team Invites when you're near another player. They'll have to accept it first though for you be in the same team.

Invite a Friend Via the Social Menu

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Players can also invite friends to join their team through the Social Menu. Select the name of your friend from the list and pick the Invite to Team option.

Players Have to be in the Same Server

You can't team up with someone who is playing in another server. You will have to join the same server to be able to play together.

Benefits to Being on a Team

Free Fast Travel to Teammates

Fast traveling to your teammates is completely free! A good strategy when traveling together is for one teammate to fast travel to the location first then the rest of the team can just fast travel to them.

How to Fast Travel to Teammates

Selecting their darker yellow icon on the map will open an actions menu for you! From there, you can choose to fast travel to them.

Keep Track of Teammates Status' & Location

Once in a team, you will see your teammember's health at the left side of the screen. Keep track of their status when exploring the wastelands through this.

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Team Camp Locations will be Shown

The Camps of your teammates will be marked on the map with a golden tent similar to your own. You can fast travel to each others camps freely with this.

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Get Team Buff by Charisma Perk Cards

Steam Fallout 76

Charisma cards can help you have supportive effects for your teams, from reviving other players to gaining additional XP when with your team mates. If you always play the game with your friends, don't miss the attribute!

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