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Social Locker

Social Share&Locker Pro is far away the best Social sharing plugin for WordPress. Was built to cover all the necessities and to gets more Shares into your website.

Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin

With aSocial Lockermodule integrated, brings over the Social Network a bigger exposure and viral visitors.

Social Content Locker is the plugin that allows to lock part of your post/page. User must like or share your page on major social networks (Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter) to view the content. Tap into billion users (Facebook +. This script used for blogspot social content locker. Releases No releases published.

There’s no other sharing plugin that has the depth of options that you get from this one. Multiple Sharing Buttons, Different Display showcases, Followers buttons, Social Content Locker. If you do need help with something, the Support Team is ready to answer on all your questions

Social Networksfor Sharing

Social Share&Locker is the only plugin on the market where the share buttons actually works very well. There are 60 share options:FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vkontakte, DiggDigg, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious, Weibo, Xing, Print Friendly, Email Sharing, Odnoklassniki, Whatsapp, Bufferapp,, Meneame, Evernote, GetPocket, Flattr, ManageWP, MySpace, Yahoo Mail, GMail, HackerNews, Blogger, Amazon, Newsvine, Viadeo, DOUBAN, Baidu,, Yammer, SMS, Viber, Telegram, Comments, Love This, AOL, Flipboard, Send Email

You can control how yourSharing Buttons will show up, using a specific Template, horizontal/vertical position, with or without Network name or Social Counts.

Social Lockerintegration


The best way to spread your content and increase the the amount of traffic to your Website from most used Social Networks:FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn. Dave weigel newsletter.

Packed with special feature the Social Locker can become a dynamic tool for your social strategy. There you can set aDelay Timeor toAutoUnlocksome content after a while. The Visitors may needs to Share again your Page if you set the Locker toReset aftera certain time.

Do you want to Convert yourVisitorsinto yourLeads?

Just set in place theSmart TargetingLocker options

  • Registered Users– Based on Users status (logged or not logged) can Show/Hide the Social Locker
  • User Has Commented– If the current user is Logged, based on his Comments (if he done or not) the Locker can show up or can be hidden.
  • Users Roles– Show/Hide the Locker based on User WP Roles
  • Visits Only From Specific Ref– Such as Google, Yahoo, Big or even Custom Refs
  • Mobile Devices– The Social Locker can be hidden when your page is visited from a smartphone or tablet.


Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin is the ultimate social plugin built to help all the customers being more visible into the Social Networks. Is not just a simple social plugin, is that plugin that cover all the necessities and desires. With just few clicks you can set your social icons exactly into the right place or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Pluginis very very easy to use and counts provided are the real share counts. The social plugin check with the Social Networks included into the plugin to get exactly the number of shares for your page, nothing less, nothing more.

Social Network Included

We’ve focused on the most important Social Networks used into the wide world. 38 Social Networks are available:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Vkontakte
  • DiggDigg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Weibo
  • Xing
  • Print Friendly
  • Email Sharing
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Whatsapp
  • Bufferapp
  • Meneame
  • Evernote
  • GetPocket
  • Flattr
  • ManageWP
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo Mail
  • GMail
  • HackerNews
  • Blogger
  • Amazon
  • Newsvine
  • Viadeo
  • Baidu
  • Yammer
  • SMS
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Comments
  • Love This
  • AOL
  • Flipboard
  • Send Email

Social Share Themes

You have10 predefined Themesincluded and that should cover the most common desires. All the Social Themes are Retina Ready and built with CSS3 and the best Fonts in the world.

Multiple Social Share Themes example can be found here:See All the Included Social Themes

Social Share Full Name

With theSocial Share & Lockerplugin you can display the entire name of the Social Networks or only the Social Icon. Depends of your design, available space or desires with just one click you can Enable/Disable the Social Share Full Name

Social Share Counters

You decide if the counters will be displayed or not. The social plugin updates the counters on demand when someone try to share the page and it updates the share counts on every refresh of the page to be sure if the page was shared or not. Even if the user shared the page and after that delete the sharing post, the plugin will not count anymore. All the share counters are realistic.

Social Locker

This dedicated section is the “the cherry on top” of the plugin. Besides the Sharing Showcase, with Social Share & Locker plugin you can also increase your Social visibility by blocking the important content. Users needs to share your page to get that new content. The Locked content can be a download button, a paragraph of the text, a video or a image gallery.

You can see an example here:

Social Locker

Email Sharing

For your visitors that don’t wanna share on a social network or can not do that, now, they are still able to share your page to friends using theEmail Sharefeature. The Social Share & Locker includes a predefined Sharing popup where the visitors can send an emails with a custom content to their friends. All the predefined content from that popup can be easily changed from the Plugin Dashboard.


We’ve built this great plugin to be compatible with multiple platforms inside to WordPress. The most common were tested and Social Share & Locker is ready to be used.

  • WooCommerce
  • JigoShop
  • BuddyPress


The Visual Composer Plugin is the most powerful and used page builder for WordPress. We’ve built dedicated modulse for Social Share & Locker to be directly integrated into the Visual Composer

You add your custom Social Icons into your Page content using the page builder in few seconds. With few clicks, your Social Icons are integrated.

Social Locker has a special module that can makes any row to be come a locked content. So, any content set into the Visual Composer row (text, video, images, tabs, prices, buttons) now can be very very easy locked and you can request a share action to be displayed. All the Social Locker features can be found into the “Row” settings from Visual Composer also.


You can display the Social Networks box on multiple places and in multiple ways:

  • Website Display– The Social Icons can displayed and placed related to the entire website window. Can be set without restriction on the top or bottom, left or right based on certain pixels or percentage. The Social Box can float with the entire content window.
  • Content Display– Social Icons Box can be related to the content area. Can be set in many ways and aligned Vertical or Horizontal. Top Content Bottom Content Custom Position Top/Bottom or Left/Right absolute position
  • ShortCode Display– You can build your own ShortCode with few clicks and set wherever you want it inside the website. Full features and options are available also.

Other Features

  • Fast Social Buttons Loading
  • Responsive Social Themes
  • CSS3 Hover Effects
  • Custom Box Position
  • Display based on page’s type
  • 2 Social Buttons Align type (horizontal/vertical)
  • Social Share ShortCode generator
  • Social Locker ShortCode generator
  • Realistic Share Counts
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Passion and Soul
  • Great Support

Social Share & Locker Pro v7.7 Nulled


Give visitors a temporary membership level for following your social media accounts, without requiring them to register.

This is a

Sign Up Now to Access DownloadLog InInstagramThis plugin requires Paid Memberships Pro and Social Locker to be installed, activated, and configured.


  • Temporarily give access to membership protected content to users who “like”, “follow”, or “+1” your social media account.
  • No registration required.


  1. Upload the pmpro-social-locker directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your site.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure settings by defining PMPROSL_FREE_LEVEL and PMPROSL_MEMBERSHIP_PERIOD_DAYS constants.

How it Works

When the plugin is activated, a cookie will be set for any visitor who “likes”, “follows” or “+1″s a social media account by “unlocking” your content by interacting with Social Locker. This cookie overrides the default Paid Memberships Pro access filter for a specific membership level, effectively giving your visitor access to member protected content without requiring them to register and create a user account.

Social Locker Youtube


The settings are controlled by 2 constants: PMPROSL_FREE_LEVEL and PMPROSL_MEMBERSHIP_PERIOD_DAYS.

Osberg Vs Footlocker Class Action Latest News

PMPROSL_FREE_LEVEL controls which level to give access to. Only content specifically protected by this level will be given access to. It should be the Membership Level ID which can be found on the Membership Levels page in the WordPress dashboard.


PMPROSL_MEMBERSHIP_PERIOD_DAYS controls how long the user will have access for. It should be a number of days in the form of an integer.

Here’s a sample configuration. You can copy lines 3-5 to your theme’s functions.php file, a helper PMPro Customizations plugin, or your wp-config.php file and edit as needed:

AddingView the code on Gist.

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