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SlackChannelTrafficIndicator - Chrome extension that plots the traffic in Slack channels; slackdraw - A Google Chrome extension to draw and share the drawings on Slack; slackey - A JavaScript SDK for the Slack API; slackhub - A Slack bot that allows you to communicate with other teams; slackihook - Send incoming webhooks to Slack with Node.js. is a virtual meeting place where Chromium developers can foster community and coordinate work. With so much geographic and organizational diversity in our team, making it easy to have “hallway conversations” in a public online forum like helps keep everyone in the loop. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a gorgeous 2-in-1 laptop that needs longer battery life. Most apps still need to be optimized out for the widescreen Chrome experience. That includes Slack. A handy hack for customizing your Chromebook and bringing native app-like experiences to your favorite sites and services. Neither the Slack web app nor the Slack Android app recognizes the.

Updated: October 11, 2020MIT License

Group all your similar Slack channels, avoid confusion, and speed up your processes using this Chrome extension that groups your Slack channels by their name prefix

Slack Channels Grouping is a Chrome extension that aims at enhancing and easing your Slack experience. The plug-in has all the chances to become a handy component in your time management arsenal.

Slacking on Slack and time-wasters

Slack is an incredible service. It is a cross-platform tool with a bunch of features that make it suitable for many companies and business contexts. Using this service and program, your management ecosystem will improve its communication and your team will get work done faster.

Slack for chrome

However, this pinnacle of productivity doesn't last long. If you have used Slack in your company for more than one year, you probably know by now that once people get comfortable with a product, they find ways to divert from its original purpose. If you are (actively or passively) a part of more conversations and channels than you can remember, you need Slack Channels Grouping.

Slack Channels Grouping for improving focus

This Chrome extension has a suggestive name with a straightforward approach. It will help those who use the online version of Slack to group all their channels by their name prefix (for example, dev, dev_meeting, dev-testing, dev__talks). The extension will aid in organizing dispersed and chaotically-distributed information.

The major advantage of this extension is the fact that it nurtures concentration and focus. Your decision power and attention are drastically lowered by time-wasters, notifications, and unsystematic channel arrangements. Although Slack is made for professional communication, it can easily get out of hand and become one of the main reasons you get sidetracked at work.

Neatly structured communication assemblies

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Slack Channels Grouping is a simplistic Chrome extension. Depending on your needs, this could be a good or a less fortunate fact. However, on account of the fact it is a small, non-invasive-to-your-privacy plug-in, it is surely worth trying. And as a nice extra attribute, Slack Channels Grouping is an open-source project that can easily be studied and improved.

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