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While cut day is a very rough day for players on the roster bubble across the NFL, the day is every bit as rough on general managers and coaches. No one wants to tell a player — who’s been busting their ass for weeks — that they’re out of a job, right before the season is about to start. It’s a dreaded day for everyone involved.

Skip Bayless posts cringeworthy tweet before Super Bowl 55 If vaccinations pick up while cases drop, US would be closer to being safe from another surge, Fauci says A year on, WHO still struggling. Paige Spiranac’s Tweet About Skip Bayless Is Going Viral Instagram. Paige Spiranac had one of the most-viral responses to Skip Bayless’ appalling comments on Dak Prescott earlier this week. Skip Bayless decided that it was the perfect time to unveil yet another weird Twitter post celebrating the ongoing dominance of Tom Brady.

Skip bayless tweets

And it’s unlikely that anyone has done a better job of explaining how awful the day is than Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht did on Tuesday night’s season finale of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Skip Bayless told me LeBron James was terrible in the 4th Quarter. They're going to ban Skip from Twitter if he keeps tweeting out misleading statements that Kevin Durant is the best player in the. The latest tweets from @RealSkipBayless.

Licht was talking to Bucs director of player personnel John Spytek about how much he hates cut day (which trims the roster to 53 players), and said he’d rather drive across the country with Skip Bayless in a beat-up car with no air conditioning than deal with cut day.

Skip Bayless Tweets Today

Here’s video of the scene, followed by the full amazing quote:

Skip Bayless Twitter

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“I hate today. I would rather drive across the country with Skip Bayless, and no radio working, and the heater stuck on, and the windshield wiper stuck on and it’s got the metal hitting the glass.”

Spytek put it well with his response: “That’s saying something with Skip Bayless.”

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Skip Bayless found another way to embarrass himself before the Super Bowl.

One of the few universal constants in the sports media landscape is the fact that 'Undisputed' host Skip Bayless will always back up Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, irrespective of what the 43-year-old does. Ufc twitter updates.

As Brady's date with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs draws closer, Skip decided that it was the perfect time to unveil yet another weird Twitter post celebrating the ongoing dominance of TB12.


Bayless wished his favorite player good luck with a very unusual photo that featured Shannon Sharpe's co-host giving the camera a death stare before hoping that his GOAT ends up with his seventh Super Bowl ring. Any way you slice it, it is genuinely baffling that he didn't see how unusual he looked.


— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) February 7, 2021

Skip Bayless' Tom Brady love isn't slowing down

Bayless has started making some truly outlandish videos whenever Brady defies the odds, usually featuring the 69-year-old talking head wearing his pewter Brady jersey and screaming a bunch of pro-Brady propaganda at the top of his lungs. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of Brady or the Buccaneers, but some of these videos are the dictionary definition of cringeworthy.

Skip Bayless Fired From Espn

You can bet that if Tampa comes out on top, Skip will try to one-up himself on national television. Somehow, that has the potential to be even more difficult to look at than his unsettling photo from tonight.

Skip bayless tweets today

Skip Bayless Fs1 Contract

Mahomes isn't just fighting for all the Kansas City fans over the country. He's also fighting for anyone that doesn't want to have their sense of sight assaulted by a nearly 70-year-old man screaming how much he loves his favorite player like a pre-teen. There is a chance that Bayless humbles up and spares the viewing audience. We just need to hope he does exactly that.