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Shane Dawson Died is Trending! this is most likely False Kpop spam. I just Text Shane to see if he’s alive.No response yet.

Shane Dawson has traded his career as a beauty guru in lieu of his mental health. It seems like the YouTuber who dabbled into makeup by launching the Conspiracy palette in collaboration with makeup mogul Jeffree Star, as well as a makeup channel on YouTube, has had enough of the beauty community and the drama surrounding it. Eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed on June 30 that no results show up on Morphe's website when users search, “Shane Dawson,” “Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star,” or “Conspiracy.”.

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idek if Shane Dawson passed away or anything but seeing the hashtags flooded with garbage tweets about a potentially dead, not so great man is just wack like you really have that much hate for a random person on the internet huh.

$w4g - ia ()

@tetsusken no ??? 😭 please every time i go to the hashtag it’s always “shane dawson’s dead ? anyways look at-“

Efkar ()

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Lindsey🤓🤞 ()

@VJamesD what. shane dawson literally sexualized a teenager and done sketchy stuff. maybe we shouldn’t talk about either ?? and admit they’re both pedophiles and messed up??

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When I saw “ Shane Dawson “ trending my first thought was “oh shut up I hope he dies” and when I go to look it’s all people pretending that he died. Incredible

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What’s this I’m seeing about Shane Dawson being dead? I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s dead about him is his career.

Paige 🐸 ()

anyone else genuinely confused as to why youtube demonetised shane dawson & david dobrik so fast yet nothing is being done about james charles?

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did shane dawson really die???because yall keep showing anime and im getting confused

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L mha hc’s 📌 ()

Y’all really got my hopes up by says Shane Dawson was dead 😕

Taz ❄️ Whitley merch plz ()

Oh no! Shane Dawson d worded?? Oh well. Stan Whitley Schnee instead 🥰🥰

Dendron ()

@Annika_H_ @DawsonJr23 oh my god lmao for a sec i thought shane dawson was actually dead

Torteweenie ()

Shane dawson died or smth but its actually just sweaty weebs posting anime. I am confused

Fuzzy ()

@tsunamyves Wait people meming that he isn’t dead like?“Shane Dawson is dead anyways what new”

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Shane Dawson Died is Trending! this is most likely False Kpop spam. I just Text Shane to see if he’s alive.No response yet.

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me clicking to see why shane dawson was trending only to see a bunch of people lovemailing anime characters

🩹★彡tweek ()

shane dawson died? ? anyway look at how cute tweek and craig are

Ala GOT CHILDE!!!! ()

i was thinking abt shane dawson earlier today actually because at school we were watching a video of him crying for our work

Robin wif no beloved 🎰 ()

shane dawson died oh anyway stream my unproblematic king

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live footage of light yagami writing shane dawson in his deathnote

Shannon ()

y’all gotta stop spreading rumors that awful people died i actually got my hopes up seeing shane dawson trending

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Meg neo twewy supremacy ()

shane dawson died oh no anyway watch the world ends with you the animation on funimation and hulu

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Rieley🐰 VENTI HAVER ()

shane dawson is dead? Aw so sad here’s pekora to cheer u all up! :3

Euisoo loml ()

shane dawson is dead???? anyways look at my most listened track of all time

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shane dawson is dead? anyways look at these cool screenshots i took in the hit dinosaur game Path of Titans

𝙰𝚛𝚐𝚢𝚕𝚎 ()

shane dawson ded? n e way, will someone make a fancam for my clown doll?

Paul KEGS DAY ()

why’d y’all lie and say shane dawson died?? that’s not okay. you got my hopes up.

Crystal ?! ()

shane dawson is died ??? oh 😟 ANYWAYS look at armin and mikasa at the beach </3

Jesus 〄🧪 ()

shane dawson d!ed but marina is more alive than ever! stream ancient dreams in a modern world 6/11!