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Sarah Elizabeth Cupp, also known as S. E., was born in Carlsbad, California on February 23, 1979. She is a conservative political commentator and is also known for her work as a writer. She worked on CNN debate show Crossfire. Now Sarah writes for New York Daily News and appears on various TV shows as a host or a co-host. She is also known to be a great public speaker.

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Personal life

Born and raised in Carlsbad she spent her early years in a cozy home with her parents. However, during the period when she was a teenager she had to spend some time in Andover, Massachusetts. Sarah was a student at the Academy of Notre Dame. At the age of 6, she started ballet lessons and continued to do so until her late teen years. While performing as a ballerina, she struggled with eating disorders and suffered a relapse during her time in college. Fortunately for her, she managed to graduate in the year 2000 with a degree in art history. This was not the end of her studies as she got her masters degree from New York University in 2010.

Sarah Cupp mentioned that she is an atheist but it is questionable whether people should put this in her bio as she also noted that there is certainly room to become a person who has faith.

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The columnist is married to John Goodwin. The husband and wife began going out in 2011 and got married in 2013. Sarah Cupp got pregnant and gave birth to a boy who was named John Davies Goodman III.

95,695 likes 57 talking about this. CNN host, conservative columnist for New York Daily News, contributing editor at Townhall Magazine, TheBlaze contributor. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Cupp Pushes Back on Never-Sanders Democratic Freak Out: ‘Bernie Is Electable’ Like Trump Was in 2016. By Reed Richardson Feb 15th, 2020, 7:08 pm.

Sarah Cupp is also a big social media junkie and has loads of followers on both twitter and facebook.


Right after her studies Sarah began her work in an online magazine. After being unsatisfied with the position, she decided to try out public relations sphere. Her real career, however, began in 2002 after she was hired as an editor and a writer at The New York Times. Her opinions were accepted and published by such powerhouses like The Washington Post, Fox News, and CNN.

Daily News hired Cupp for a position of a columnist in 2009. Mercury Radio Arts offered her a job in 2011 and she became a commentator and a writer at the company. Her career started to snowball during this period of time as she joined MSNBC's The Cycle where her co-hosts are Krystal Ball, Toure and Steve Kornacki.

CNN made an announcement saying that S. E. would be joining a new and improved Crossfire where she would be joined by Van Jones, Stephanie Cutter, and Newt Gingrich. To focus on this show, Cupp left her old job at MSNBC.


Sarah Elizabeth Cupp is also a well-known book author. On 2008, she co-published a book with Brett Joshpe titled Why You Are Wrong About the Right: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives. The title of the book speaks for itself, and judging from the reviews the people really seem to like it.

In 2010, the author published her solo work called Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity. Unfortunately, this book was not as successful as her previous work.

Sarah Cupp is no doubt one of the most recognized personas in the political world of the USA. Vast amount of experience of hosting and public speaking really puts her in the top of the list you want to follow if you are interested in American politics.

Se Cupp Twitter

S.E. Cupp is the HLN host of 'SE Cupp Unfiltered,' a primetime program covering contemporary issues, and a CNN political commentator. She is a practical conservative with a fierce independent streak who brings her distinct outlook to each network's programming and special political coverage. Cupp joined HLN in April 2017 and hosts a 5 p.m. panel show live out of New York with radio personalities, political pundits, comedians and journalists on the most topical stories impacting the country. Leveraging her experiences as a frequent contributor on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel and C-SPAN and programs like Real Time with Bill Maher and The View, Cupp delivers her passionate voice and fresh perspective on everything from politics, media, sports to popular culture.


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Leading up to her move to HLN, Cupp was the host of 'S.E. Cupp's Outside With Insiders,' a digital series on in which she took political insiders to the great outdoors. Past guests included Gov. Acrylic paint brushes for beginners. Scott Walker (R-WI) and Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) among others. From 2013 to 2014 Cupp co-hosted 'Crossfire' on CNN, the relaunched political debate program with panelists Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter and Van Jones. Prior to joining CNN as a host and political commentator, Cupp co-hosted MSNBC's roundtable show, 'The Cycle.'

Cupp continues to be a nationally syndicated political columnist, culture critic and author. She regularly writes for the New York Daily News, Glamour and Cupp penned 'Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity' and co-authored 'Why You're Wrong About the Right' with Brett Joshpe. She was previously a consultant for HBO's hit series, 'The Newsroom,' contributor to TheBlaze's 'Real News' and contributing editor for Townhall Magazine.

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A native of Massachusetts, Cupp relocated from Washington, D.C. to Connecticut and works out of the CNN New York bureau. She is a graduate of Cornell University and earned a master's degree from New York University. In her free time, Cupp enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with her family. She is married with one son.