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Scrap Mechanic Twitter

Scrap Mechanic Update

This is a list of features that will be added to Scrap Mechanic at some point in the future. These features have been mentioned in devblogs and on Twitter.

Near Future[editedit source]


Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode! Today we come back to get our redemption at the warehouse! Last time we were way too under-equi. Welcome to the machine-filled creative paradise of Scrap Mechanic, a multiplayer survival game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Encryptor is an object in Scrap Mechanic. 1 Overview 2 Variants 2.1 Encryptor 2.2 Protector 3 Upcoming 4 History 4.1 Beta Encryptors are used to prevent players from removing objects in Warehouses. These cannot be deactivated, as they are hidden in an inaccessible area and using Explosive Canisters to blow them off does not do anything after they are detached. Encryptors are currently unable.

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  • A major content update for Survival Mode, referred to as the 'next chapter'
    • Quests
      • Managed through the Logbook
      • Involve new NPCs
        • Dialog via telephone
    • Mining island
      • New, mostly underground area of the world
      • Accessed as part of a quest
      • Structures
        • Propane Station
        • Found in caves
    • Cablebot
      • Very small
      • Attack in swarms
    • Trash Bot
      • A Boss robot
      • Found on the roof of Warehouses
      • Possibbly shoot trash
    • Red Totebot
      • Small Explosive Canisters on its head
      • Explodes when attacking
      • Spawns at the Propane Station
    • Chili Pepper
      • Farmable crop
      • Attracts an unspecified type of robot
      • Possibly used in cooking a new food item that resembles a slice of pie (seen in Devblog 19)
    • Sticky Wheels
      • Presumably wheels that stick to surfaces
      • Possibly obtained by defeating a Trash Bot
        • Either directly or an item required to craft them
    • Plasma Drill
      • Can drill through some rocks found in the mining island
      • Can drill faster than the standard drill.
    • Warehouse changes and additions
      • New story elements and associated quests
      • Ability to disable and/or remove the Encryptors
    • New Clothing
      • T-Shirts
      • Outfits
        • Welder
    • The ability to load blueprints with the Lift in Survival
      • Will require the items needed to build it
    • Digital clock
      • Displays the time
      • Can activate connected parts at a configured time of day
  • Respawn Bed rework for balance reasons
    • Initially planned that beds would break after five uses, with an updated model to indicate the remaining uses
    • Final rework plans yet to be determined[1]
  • 10 new challenges for Challenge Mode
    • Completing all challenges will grant some kind of reward
  • Tutorial part
    • Placed on a lift to activate an interactive vehicle building tutorial

Far Future[editedit source]

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  • Dedicated servers
  • Server admin commands
  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Possible Mac support

Undetermined[editedit source]

  • Folders for saved blueprints
  • Signs with editable text
  • Ladders
  • Jetpack
  • More than two binds per key
  • Controller support
  • Remote activation
    • Activate parts that belong to other creations
  • Ropes with physics
  • Exo-Suit
    • Likely a form of armor
    • Modifies player movement in some way (increases speed?)
  • Scrapyard biome
    • Inhabited by a new type of Robot that looks similar to a bulldozer
  • Possible Xbox One and PS4 support[2]
  • New wheel variants with 'some fun extra features'[3]

References[editedit source]

Scrap mechanic twitter roblox
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Team up with your palls to create incredible mechanisms

This game will place you to the world where super-mechanical and advanced engineering adventures are waiting for you. Jump in and have fun! More than a hundred parts are available for you and your buddies that can enter the game together with you and enjoy collective playing. The stunning creative mode allows to build with no restrictions. Each player can choose a mechanic and even decide the gender – girls and boys are welcome! The parts you and your buddies can use are all unique and appear in all sizes and shapes, which allows you to make everything you can imagine. Experiment and combine them the way you want – the decisions are all yours! You are a real godlike constructor now.

What is more, the parts of your creation are interactive and you can make them move if you want to! The game is truly exciting and has so many different modes that will entertain you for hours! The opportunities are literally endless, so enjoy. The details have various buttons and sensors, so you can push them and make the constructions move – this game will never make you bored, we guarantee that!

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The plot behind all the creative moves you make

And here is another exciting fact about this cool game. You will witness a pretty cool and thrilling plot, which is a rare thing for games of this kind. The planet you find yourself on is a highly-developed agricultural environment. Fintwit. However, it is inhabited by the robots. They are workers and their task is to take of the lands around. The produce vegetables and fruits on this lands as well as some other crops that are transformed into products and distributed to other distant planets where the cities, towns, and villages are located. Locals will enjoy the products created on these agricultural planets. However, at some day, the control over the robots is lost and everything crashes down. You were lucky enough to stay alive! There are some troubles here now after a catastrophe – the robots are going literally mad. They are dangerous now and you can only survive if you will have a plan of behavior – think fast, act wisely, and be creative to turn everything around you into useful resources that will support you. Take advantage of everything that you see!