Sash Paint Brush

The sash paint brush is designed to be used on the edges of window frames, or along sash windows, so when you are painting your whole house, it can come in handy. Don't use this type of brush on walls or doors, as it will not be as effective as an ordinary brush, and you could damage it. Continue reading below Our Video of the Day. The sash paint brush is different from the ordinary types of brush which you use to slap paint onto walls or across the outsides of buildings, and you will only be able to use it in certain circumstances. The sash paint brush is designed to be used on the edges of window frames, or along sash windows, so when you are painting your whole house, it can come in handy. Brushes with ultra-soft bristles are made with synthetic ox hair to nearly eliminate brush marks. Use them with high-gloss paint and urethanes. Brushes with medium bristles balance making clean edges with creating a smooth finish. The paint brush is made with a professional-quality, rust-resistant, very durable stainless steel ferrule and a sealed maple wood handle that provides good comfort and balance. The Lindbeck® trademark name for Wooster angled brushes recognizes H.T. Lindbeck, a painting contractor who conducted field tests for the company for many years. A large four inch paint brush, however, can cut this time almost in half while still offering the unique finish smaller brushes provide. The Purdy 144400340 XL brush is wide without feeling overly heavy or large in your hand. The Proform comes with a slender, sash-style wooden handle to keep the brush’s overall profile long and narrow.

  1. Angled Sash Paint Brush
  2. Nour Paint Sash Brushes

Bristle Material: Polyester


Head Material: Polyester

Sash Paint Brush

Brush Head Shape: Angle Sash

Ferrule Color: Gold-Plated Steel

Handle Material: Wood

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Polyester filaments is a type of fiber which has extreme , length, can be made to any length. Hollow design can reduce brush weight and long lasting compared than natural bristle.

The sash shape brush can do more details paint project than bround shape brush. The angled bristle spread the whole brush at the Fan-shaped angle,which will make more delicate lines , and allow more control during close-touching work. The angular sash paint brush also mean more brush tips will be beveled across the thickness of the brush and fit for work on window sashes and trim.

For painting usage, the fan angular brush usually use to blend and colors and the brush strokes , or some stipping , small and short stokes,such as the hair, grass or a tree.

Polyester is the standard filament for all types paint brush, especially great for water based paints, can keep the brush stiffness with very little moisture, since the fiber filaments‘s low Moisture absorption capacity. Due to excellent stiffness, abrasion resistance and superior bend recovery, chemical fiber sash paint brush can hold more paint than traditional paint brushes. Professional angular bristles will save your time and make the paint project efficiently

Once you learn how to choose the right paintbrush based on the type of coating you’re using, you’ll want select a paintbrush that will “fit” the surface you’re painting. Below are some general guidelines to help you.

Most paintbrushes range in size from 1-inch up to 4-inches and can have an angled or flat/straight edge. The edge of the brush is basically a matter of user preference, but the different sizes are important to consider based on the surface you’re painting.

Large brushes (3-inch to 4-inch) will hold more paint and cover a larger surface area, which helps you to finish your project faster. These brushes are ideal for exterior siding, decks, doors, or walls.


Angled Sash Paint Brush

When you have tight, detailed areas to paint, a small brush (1-inch to 1½-inch) is recommended. Adding an angle sash can also help you get into those hard to reach crevices. Small brushes are ideal for hobbies and crafts, window mullions, and tight corners.

Nour Paint Sash Brushes

Brushes that are 2-inches to 2½-inches are a great middle ground. They are typically the most popular and versatile brushes because they can be used for such a wide variety of projects. A flat brush of this size is ideal for baseboards, cabinets, furniture, moldings, railings, shutters, and gutters while an angle sash brush of this same size is effective for window frames, casings, door moldings, and cutting in edges of walls, ceilings, and baseboards.

It is common for people to think small brushes are easier to control. This isn’t always true! If you select a high-quality brush in a slightly larger size (2-inch instead of 1½-inch), it can paint more precisely than a low-quality, smaller brush. The paint project will go much faster and the finish will be smoother, too. However, it’s important to note that if you’re a beginner, you need to be careful. Attempting to trim around your woodwork without taping it off can be tricky, so consider starting with a thin angle sash style brush instead of an angle sash. This will help you control the amount of paint you’re carrying to the wall and avoid the possibility of ruining your woodwork.

Now that you have your perfect paintbrush picked out, learn how to load it.

The Wooster Brush Company offers quality brushes for every project. To help you select the perfect brush, visit our Paint Brush Advisor. If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact our Customer Service Department.