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Hey guys, So since the new Rekordbox 6 launched, I've been scrambling to support it for rekordcloud. At first, it seemed that it was not possible since they removed the XML export option and the internal database that Rekordbox uses has been encrypted for a long time. Luckily, I've been able to figure things out and rekordcloud now fully supports Rekordbox 6. 5.8.6 has been released. Info 16 March, 2021 Android version of the popular rekordbox mobile app (ver. 3.0) has arrived.

You probably already know this. Whilst Rekordbox is free for Windows and Macs they have never released a Linux version and keep some of the derails secret. People have tried to get it to run but there has only been limited success on some of the non maintained earlier versions that were tried in Wine. discusses it.

Rekordbox Ubuntu Free

Drosten twitter. There is an Operating System that attempts to replicate Windows that might give you what you want. It is ReactOS You could duel boot your PC and try it. It just might run.

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Rekordbox Ubuntu

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Alternatively, you could install Virtualbox and a Virtual Windows OS (for which you will need a licence) and in that install Rekordbox