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Rekord Buddy is the world's most advanced syncing tool for Traktor and Rekordbox. ‎remotebox is a remote control application for XDJ-R1, a model of the Pioneer DJ equipment. By connecting an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with a DJ device by wireless LAN, that DJ device can be controlled remotely. Lewis hamilton twitter. Applicable model: XDJ-R1 Supported OS: iOS 6, iOS7 and iOS 8 iOS 4.3 and iOS 5 can be.

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I am trying to stream using OBS with a MacBook Air Catalina and a Pioneer DDJ 400 USB DJ Controller.
I have installed Soundflower and followed some guides to configure but I cannot get any sound to register through OBS.
The Mac doesn’t recognise the USB controller but there was a guide I followed to use the Soundflower tool to work around this, but no matter what I try obs won’t process it.
When I look at the sound flower Input on Mac I can see the sound bar moving and it’s recognising the input. However when I select it in OBS the sound just doesn’t work, the level doesn’t move and just looks like no sound is coming through.
can someone confirm if it’s even possible to do what I am trying to achieve on a Mac with a controller and obs?