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Libraries from earlier versions of rekordbox for iOS/Android can't be used with rekordbox for iOS/Android (ver. If you're using a PC/Mac, you can convert the library from a version of rekordbox for Mac/Windows earlier than ver. 6 to use with rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. NTFS and exFAT are the only format options I get. BTW, I'm trying to import tracks to the USB drive so whenever I'll plug it to a different computer (that have's rekordbox install on) It'll get all the cue points information so I won't have to set em up for every song every time I'm plugging it to a different computer.

  • With such terminals, rekordbox cannot be operated with MTP connections, so such terminals cannot be connected to the CDJ-2000nexus using a USB cable. Depending on the specifications of the MTP mode of the smartphone/tablet you are using, MTP connections may only be usable with applications exclusively for Macintosh or Windows.
  • 4.0k members in the Rekordbox community. Having fun/issues with rekordbox? Post it overhere. Don't know how it works? When the 3000 was being developed, there was still a massive license fee for implementing exFAT in products. Microsoft made this open-source back in November of 2019, but it was already a bit late for the 3000.

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Spinning with CDJs and thumb drives is straightforward: you plug a thumb stick into a CDJ’s USB slot, and you’re all set. But that’s not always the case: sometimes the drive can’t be read by an older CDJ. Maybe you plug it into an XDJ-RX and track waveforms don’t appear as they should. One way to troubleshoot is to make sure you’ve got the USB thumb stick formatted properly using a file system recognised by the CDJ or XDJ.

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What’s a file system and why should I care?

A file system is a hard drive’s way of organising data. Formatting it lets you specify what file system you want it to use, and this is dependent on what operating system you’re using. There are lots of file systems out there: some are compatible only with Windows computers, some only with Macs, and some are readable by both Macs and PCs, but can only be written to by either a Mac or a PC. Confused yet?

Rekordbox Exfat

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Here’s a cheat sheet: modern Windows computers use the NTFS or exFAT system, and Macs use the HFS+ (MacOS Extended Journaled) system. Macs can read NTFS thumb drives, but can’t write to them. PCs can’t read or write to HFS+ at all.

However, there is one file system that both Macs and PCs can read and write to: FAT32. Pioneer DJ’s CDJ media players are also able to read music files from drives formatted with FAT32 (FAT 16 and HFS+ are also included).