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  1. Ranboo's other half was trapped in the Inbetween's portal that Karl is supposed to discover so this is why he's white with red eyes. I am sure that the egg is related to Dream because Fundy said that the egg is a dreamon thing related.
  2. CONGRATS RANBOO on Twitter. YOOO CONGRATS ON 2 MIL RANBOO!! YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING COMING UR WAY AND KEEP BEING U! Jordyn 🎰 watching ranboo grow as fast as he has, has been such an amazing and warm experience. Im so so proud of him, my goodness. I can’t wait to see him continue to grow. Congrats on 2mil!!

@ranaltboo You take all the time you need Ranboo you’re a class act n a v positive force! The community will respect whatever you do Bc you help lead with example of positivity!

Ranboo is a Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He is a friend of the Dream Team and a member of the Dream SMP. 1 Platforms 2 SMP 3 Gallery 4 Trivia 5 References Discord server Instagram - ranboomc Spotify - Ranboolistens TikTok - RanbooLive Twitch: RanbooLive Ranboobutnot Twitter: @ranboosaysstuff @ranaltboo YouTube: Ranboo RanbooLIVE2 Ranboo was added to the SMP after Dream saw his bit. Just a guy doing something. Feel free to stop! Someone needs to have is hand hold while crossing the hallway so he doesn’t get run over.

Ranboo on Twitter

BladeHQ ♣ ()

bootwt when ranboo writes copious amounts of self hatred into his smp lore /dsmp

TommyInnit ()
Ranboo Twitter

@Ranboosaysstuff excited for the 5 million subscriber face reveal ranboo. thats real right? i need a new pfp

Hwan ◡̈ ()

hey tl !! please be reminded that to not use ranboo’s face as a profile picture when he face reveals, he mentioned that he’s not comfortable with it :]

Lyss ☻ ()

btw this means wilbur charlie ranboo and tommy in a mod video

Karl :) ()

@ranaltboo You take all the time you need Ranboo you’re a class act n a v positive force! The community will respect whatever you do Bc you help lead with example of positivity!

Aris! ()

i literally go from watching ranboo to watching very really good and if they collide i think i would explode

Haillis ツ beeduo apologist ()

pov: ranboo hits 5 mil on youtube. you know he’ll be face revealing soon, you are feeling kind of nervous about ranboo face it turns out he’s been neil cicierega this entire time /j

Aspen 🌲 its time (livetwt) ()

i think itll be something like tubbo: hey ranboo can you bring me up some sausage rolls ranboo: haha yeah of course lolranboo: *actually walks upstairs*

Ranboo twitter face reveal
Jordan :) i miss ranboo ()

I miss my streamer :( I fell asleep immediately once the stream ended and now I just feel empty this is like when I finish a good show ranboo pls come back

Bee/Bri ()

Tired ranboo is 25% fear 25% confusion and 50% aggressively supportive of the LGBT community

Haillis ツ beeduo apologist ()

why is it whenever ranboo plays hypixel parkour during subathons he collectively makes most of us cry /pos

Eira! ()

ranboo talking about how him just typing “hi *enter*” can make someone’s day 🙁🙁

Fer ()

please ranboo asked for conversation topics and i just wrote soulmates and the person above me in chat said drugs, two different topics tbh but interesting ngl

Elliot/sharky!! ()

#CRUMB to ranboo: i hope people don’t get mad at you because we’re friends if people get mad at ranboo for being friends with someone then that’ just so many people are friends with genuinely terrible people and no ones getting mad at them so crumb you really don’t

𖠌izzie ama mucho a ella𖠌 ()

#RANBOO: people can have their own opinions about things. it’s just how you deliver them. THIS !!! YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE SOMETHING BUT DONT BE AN ASSHOLE ABOUT IT

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Froup lilly :) ()

sometimes i wish tubbo would lay low w the jokes when crumb and ranboo are talking abt something serious lol like it just kinda makes him seem like an ass sfjgfjkdasht he did it w sneeg too

Zaima :) ()


Rainbow vibes ()

Ranboo’s octodad playthrough but he’s literally just blood thirsty the entire time

Uhhm hollyy / cad stan acc arc ()

Watching the ranboo stream is like having multiple YouTube tabs open and having them all playing sound. Rekordbox ubuntu free. So much is happening but it’s so so great

Chichi vanna’s george ♡ ()

dream is in chat watching ranboo praise his manhunt ideas i’m going to cry

Minmin :D ()

every fiber of my being is grateful for ranboo muting his mic when he eats / sneezes my sensory issues adore that

Eden // Art📌 ()

2 TO THE 1 TO THE 1 TO THE 3, MY STREAMER LIKES TO STEAL AMAZON MONEY peepoClap (Context, Ranboo gets a bunch of primes which is free money from Amazon😎)

Blue !! ()

The fact that Ranboo does so much for dsmp Tubbo enthusiasts shows how big of an ally he is to the lgbt community

Grace !!! ()

tubbo n ranboo r right imo :P I really love the improv lore it’s spawned so many great lines + arcs . however I still really enjoy how the cinematic and planned lore is rn :>

Woting ✫ ()

Ranboo and tubbo talking about how they did lore in the beginning, and how tubbo lost motivation for doing lore

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Alex 🦇 ()

I could write an essay on why I agree with Ranboo and Tubbo, but I could also write one on why I disagree 😭😭😭

Mellohi ! ❀ SELFIE📌 ()

i’m forever thinking about the way that c!quackity wanted to execute c!ranboo. i m never going to forget it either. i don’t forgive and i don’t forget

Juno 🐇 ()

riverdale archie jughead batman twilight voltron shera pewdiepie mr beast dream sapnap wilbur tommyinnit philza ludwig ranboo tubbo timothee chalamet harry styles doja cat nicki minaj megan thee stallion dttwt georgenotfound dnf

Moune 💙 ()

ranboo eats uk food .. beans on toast? biscuits? fish and chips? what exactly do they have over there?

Anonym00se • #tftsmp • ()

@meIIohicore flashbacks to the times tommy has said he hates men other than him, americans, and tiktok ranboo went for all of the above and wooed tubbo