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  1. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow offered an emotional plea to those hesitant about getting the coronavirus vaccine. Maddow kicked off her show Friday night by touting her 'Vaccinate New York' sticker she.
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Fox News has forever excused their dishonest propaganda programming with the reply 'but look at our ratings!'

Fox can't brag about their ratings anymore. To do so, they would have to bring up one Ms. Rachel Maddow, who is kicking them in the pants not only compared to other cable news programs, but across all of cable television.

But since Joe Biden won the presidency, MSNBC's ratings have been tremendous and Rachael Maddow has been on a viewership winning streak.

Rachel Maddow took a much-deserved victory lap on Tuesday night after it was reported that her show – and MSNBC as a whole – rose to the top of cable ratings, while Fox News continued to.

March 3rd: Maddow: 3.483 Hannity: 2.774

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The 25-54 Demographic has been shifting positions between some Fox programs and MSNBC, but in total audience, Maddow has been a winner.


What's poor widdle Sean Hannity got to brag about now?

When you’re down in the ratings pic.twitter.com/a6W1RTDDkD

— Acyn (@Acyn) March 5, 2021


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On Thursday, Congressman Ro Khanna held a hearing in which he proposed ending subsidies for the oil and gas industry. This is in agreement with President Biden's plans on climate change.

Of course, Republicans are horrified. Mah precious oil and gas subsidies!

And one Republican wanted folks to know how important oil is to every beneficial product, including..panty hose. Lego minecraft the illager raid 21160.

Representative Yvette Harrell (New Mexico, guess which party) said that without fossil fuels, we wouldn't have the plastic to make our computers, eyeglasses, and also pantyhose.

Maddow's show tweeted, 'Won't someone please think of the panty hose?'

Just got around watching the Maddow clip on Yvette Herrell and panty hose. I just want the world to know I am from her District and I no way in hell voted for that idiot.

— Luis Guerrero (@thelguerrero) April 23, 2021

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Rachel Maddow Twitter Blog

Upon hearing Rachel talk about pantyhose: pic.twitter.com/Xv40kWmMCz

Rachel Maddow Twitter Blog

— JackieAlberg (@albergjackie) April 23, 2021