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The Perfect Paint Edger is designed to replace the need for a traditional paintbrush for most cutting in, and virtually eliminates the need for painter’s tape. It is built with a durable, solid wood handle; ABS plastic pad holder; and stainless steel, adjustable guard. The guard is spring-loaded so it’s easy to load paint without creating a big mess. This edger is angled so it handles like a paintbrush, but its paint pad surface lays down a fast coat, quicker and cleaner than bristles. It can be used for right-handed or left-handed work. This edger works best on smooth surfaces like drywall. It’s a good choice for those who want the speedy application of a paint pad with the comfortable grip of a paintbrush.

Pro Edge Paint Brush


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The Linzer Pro Edge 5 in. Paint edger tool is a professional edging tool that eliminates the need for taping. This edger tool is applicable to smooth and semi smooth surfaces such as ceilings and is ideal for interior walls. Emery Edger Paint Brush Edging Tool for Edges and Trim - Patented Design. Dervish mac liner. Linzer Products Pd70130500 5 Pro Edge Paint Pad Edger Refills 2 Count 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Edging with a Brush in 11 Steps: Plunge a new paintbrush into a bucket of clean water. Then attach the paintbrush to a spin dryer. Hold the wet brush inside a clean, dry bucket and slowly spin out the excess water. Brush ends are rounded for a smooth, gradual paint stroke. Trim: Trim brushes have a straight cut-line and are also used for painting trim and corners. They can also be used for larger areas. Some painters prefer a straight edge versus an angled cut. Trim brushes also have rounded ends. Wall: A wall brush is a larger brush with a straight cut-line.