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Persona 4 Golden which is one of the best RPG simulation game that depicts the daily life and battle simulation of the hero. The soundtracks and audio makes the game a delight to play. Whether you choose a Japanese audio track and a subtitle for all the subs fan or English audio for the dub fans, all the choices are provided. Though there is another option which players have missed while setting up the game, during the animated cutscenes, the Japanese/English audio makes it stressful and difficult to enjoy the game without any subtitles for few players. In this post, we have explained where you can find the Subtitles setting for the animated cutscene.

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How To Enable Subtitles For Cutscene In Steam For Persona 4 Golden

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To enable the subtitles, you will need to follow these instructions carefully as mentioned below:

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  • Go to Settings
  • Go under “Game” Menu.
  • Now, you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Select Anime Subtitles and Enable it.

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Now, your Animated Cutscenes will show subtitles below which you can enjoy perfectly without missing any of the dialogues. Slack and amazon. If you are up for complete QnA of Persona 4 Golden that is asked in School, then click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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