Pass By The Office

The Pass Permit Control Office helps with:

  • Submission of transportation security clearances to Transport Canada
  • Restricted area identity cards (RAICs)
  • Keycards
  • Pearson administration building pass


  • Vehicle markers
  • Airside vehicle operator’s permits (AVOPs)

Employer or operator?

If you are not part of the GTAA but need to arrange passes or permits for your staff, visit operators at Pearson.

We are located in the Terminal 1 Parking Garage, Level 5.

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday*

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8:00 am to 3:00 pm (until further notice)

*We are closed on the second Thursday of every month and on all statutory holidays

Walk-in service

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You can now visit our office when it's convenient for you, without a scheduled appointment. You do not need to book an appointment or notify the office of when you intend to visit us.

Walk-in service is available for both new and renewing employees, whether renewing or applying for TSC, RAIC, a keycard or other passes.

Return your passes and permits

You must return all security items issued by the Pass Permit Control Office to either the employer or the Pass Permit Control Office if you no longer need them. This includes all valid and expired security items such as RAICs, keycards, temporary passes, AVOPs, vehicle markers, and ACO cards.

Return of security items upon termination of employment

The GTAA recognizes that many Toronto Pearson workers have been left unemployed by the economic impact of COVID-19 on our industry. To continue to maintain safe and secure operations, all security items no longer required due to termination of employment at Toronto Pearson must be returned to the Pass Permit Control Office immediately. It’s important for everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time and practice physical distancing. If you are exhibiting or experiencing illness or any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit the office and arrange to attend at a later date. Minecraft addons.

Lost or stolen passes

If one of your security items is lost, stolen or misplaced, you must:

  1. Report it immediately to your employer and the Pass Permit Control Office.
  2. Complete the application form for the pass that was lost or stolen.


If you lose or fail to return a security item, you will have to pay a fee.


  • First time: $100
  • Second time: $200
  • Third time: $300 (GTAA and the company's signing authority will review the employee's right to hold a pass)
  • Refunds: 50% Refundable if pass returned within 30 days. No refunds after 30 days.


Pass Office Parliament

  • First time: $100
  • Second time: $100
  • Third time: $100
  • Non-refundable


  • First time: $50
  • Second time: $50
  • Third time: $50
  • Non-refundable


Payment can be made by debit or credit only.

Contact us

Service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, by type of service requested. The wait times will vary throughout the day and from day-to-day. Our staff will let you know what the approximate wait time is when you arrive and will update you if the situation changes while you’re waiting.

When you visit the Pass Office, we'll review your application. If it is incomplete, a staff member will show you how to complete your application form, and you can choose to come back with a completed application form at another time.
The Pass Office stops seeing customers at 3:00 pm every day.
The office offers walk in first come first serve basis only. Express service may be an option in the future .
Over the last several few years, we have improved processes and systems, so that we can now offer a convenient, flexible and efficient walk-in service for employees.

Service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, during regular business hours. Over time, we will monitor trends and provide information on the results. Priority will be given to renewing applicants to support operations.

If you have a significant number of new hires who require passes, we encourage you to speak to them about visiting the Pass Office at varying times throughout the week.

In an effort to protect public health and safety

as the state responds to the spread of novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19,

the California State Parks Pass Sales Office in Sacramento, California

is temporarily closed to the public as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Annual Passes may be still be purchased by visiting the

California State Parks Storeor use the Contact Us option.

Nh ez pass office locations

We continue to accept Discount Pass applications by mail.

You can mail your Discount Pass applications attention to:

Park Pass Sales Office, PO Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296

Oceana Pass Office

Applications will not be accepted via email or fax.

Update (February 1, 2021): The current wide spread of Covid-19 has affected field offices and has caused an exponential increase in the number of mail-in applications to the Park Pass Sales Office. This has affected the processing times for the following pass programs:

  • 2021 Limited Use Golden Bear Pass Program
  • 2021 Golden Bear Pass Program
  • Disabled Discount Pass Program
  • Distinguished Veteran Pass Program

Are Government Offices Open Today

Please be aware that processing times will be delayed for those who mailed applications after December 14, 2020. If you mailed in an application and choose to apply in person instead, or if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Pass By Your Office Meaning

The Park Pass Sales Office is located in the State Natural Resources Building in downtown Sacramento:

1416 9th Street, Room 116
Sacramento, California 95814

Office Hours: *Please See Special Notice Above*

Visitors must present photo identification at security desk upon entrance to the building. Metered street and hourly garage parking available with light rail and bus service nearby. View a location map.

For inquiries about online pass order(s), please visit the online California State Parks Store. Please have your order information ready for reference.

Can you pass by the office

Passes are also available for purchase at State Park District Offices (View Designated Locations List) and many units of the California State Park System (please contact in advance to ensure availability).

For questions or more information, please contact the Park Pass Sales Office at [email protected]