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New York Times (NYT) digital news subscriptions increased from just over 1 million at the end of 2015 to almost 4.7 million in 3Q20. 2020 has been the strongest year to date, with 1.2 million new. Even in a forum known for turning small differences into all-out hostility, Mr. Trump's Twitter feed was unique. There was its sheer volume. From 2009, when he posted his first tweet (“Be sure. 1m Followers, 418 Following, 7,050 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from T: The NYTimes Style Magazine (@tmagazine).

Excel starter 2010 remove duplicates. In a recent article, the New York Times provides an insight into Twitter’s decision to ban President Donald Trump from its platform permanently. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, on vacation in French Polynesia, approved the decision under intense pressure from the company’s extreme leftist executives. Employees reportedly compared the platform allowing Trump to tweet to IBM collaborating with the Nazis.

In an article titled “Inside Twitter’s Decision to Cut Off Trump,” the New York Times outlines the events leading up to Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend President Trump from the platform.

According to the NYT, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was relaxing on a private island in French Polynesia when he received a phone call on January 6 from Twitter’s top lawyer and safety expert Vijaya Gadde, the notorious leftist who previously appeared alongside Dorsey on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Gadde informed Dorsey that Twitter had suspended President Trump’s account temporarily to prevent him from posting further statements relating to the U.S. Capitol protests that could incite violence. Dorsey was reportedly concerned about the decision but he had delegated moderation decisions to Gadde and generally deferred to her on account suspensions and did so again.

The NYT writes:

But Mr. Dorsey was not sold on a permanent ban of Mr. Trump. He emailed employees the next day, saying it was important for the company to remain consistent with its policies, including letting a user return after a suspension.


Many workers, fearing that history would not look kindly upon them, were dissatisfied. Several invoked IBM’s collaboration with the Nazis, said current and former Twitter employees, and started a petition to immediately remove Mr. Trump’s account.


That same day, Facebook barred Mr. Trump through at least the end of his term. But he returned to Twitter that evening with a video saying there would be a peaceful transition of power.

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By the next morning, though, Mr. Trump was back at it. He tweeted that his base would have a “GIANT VOICE” and that he would not attend the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Dorsey and other Twitter executives then decided that Trump had “crossed a line” and later that day the President’s account was suspended indefinitely.

The NYT writes that on Wednesday, Twitter employees gathered in a virtual meeting to discuss the decision to remove President Trump from the platform, many were grateful that Twitter had taken action while others simply wanted to leave the “Trump era” behind, but many were very emotional over the situation and cried.

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Read the full article at the New York Times here.

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