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​The Bin Zayed Group, who were reported to have ​agreed a takeover deal with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley back in May, have issued an update on said takeover via Dubai-based sports presenter Peter Redding after over a month of silence.

22nd May - 'Just a question of when, not if' (Mark Douglas, Twitter) 26th May - Newcastle takeover in serious doubt as WTO rules pirate TV channel is Saudi (The Guardian) 27th May - Saudi Arabia to move for PL TV rights to ensure NUFC Takeover (Mirror) 31st May - 'I've heard nothing to suggest it won't be given the green light' (Gazette) June. Liam Kennedy has dropped a definitive answer on what relegation would mean for the potential takeover of Newcastle United involving Mike Ashley. Writing in his latest piece for The Shields Gazette. The latest Tweets from NUFC 360 (@NUFC360). Comprehensive, worldwide coverage of all #NUFC affairs. News, statistics & more. Every angle covered #HowayTheLads https.

Newcastle are currently in crisis following the departure of Rafael Benítez and the loss of l​ast season's top scorer Ayoze Pérez to Leice​ster City last week. There is no indication of who Benítez's replacement may be and the Magpies have yet to sign a single player this summer.

As Ashley's reign of terror worsens, ​Newcastle fans will be hopeful that the takeover goes through sooner rather than later and that this season will not be another write-off.

​Issuing a statement via the Bin Zayed Group in regard to the takeover, Redding tweeted:'Both parties have worked diligently in finalising a deal, none more so than ourselves. We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process.

'Press claims of no bids or Premier League approval processes are simply untrue.

Following a meeting with Bin Zayed Group officials they would like to put on record the following information for NUFC fans:
'Both parties have worked diligently in finalising a deal, none more so than ourselves. We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process.

— Peter Redding-Capital Radio UAE (@dubai_geordie) July 8, 2019

'The current owners have cooperated amicably throughout this process, and if a deal is not forthcoming, it will not be due to lack of effort from both parties.'

'The current owners have cooperated amicably throughout this process, and if a deal is not forthcoming, it will not be due to lack of effort from both parties.'

Newcastle fans, understandably wary of owners, expressed confusion that the Bin Zayed Group released this statement via a little-known radio presenter.

I mean, seriously, I thought these guys had a hotline to the Chronicle. If you want to communicate with #nufc fans why release a flaky statement via Twitter? Not impressed in any way shape or form

— Luke Edwards (@LukeEdwardsTele) July 8, 2019

This statement has somehow managed to make me more confused than I was before it.

— NUFCBase (@nufcbase) July 8, 2019

Sorry @dubai_geordie .. no offence, but.. if this BZG outfit was as a wealthy as reported they'd not release a statement like this via a 3rd party like yourself. At best it would come from their Legal Team. This has the FCB written all-over it! #ashleyout#nufc#nufctakeover

— Andrew Stainthorpe (@macdesigner) July 8, 2019

Others noted their confusion over the wording of the statement, with particular regards to the BZG group claiming they have 'completed every aspect required in a takeover process.'

If they’ve completed everything then whats holding it up

— 👉🏽Dayle👈🏽 (@DayleBarron) July 8, 2019

That statement brings no clarity whatsoever. How can you have completed every aspect and still not own a footballclub? Surely you don’t complete it all, just to be slapped with a “no thanks” in the end? 🤯 #NUFC

— NUFC 360 (@NUFC360) July 8, 2019

Regardless of the statement, the harrowing facts surrounding Newcastle remain all too clear for the Toon Army: No manager, no successful takeover, no incoming transfers with the close of the window one month away.

Nufc takeover twitter

Mac virtual machine linux. Times truly are dire on Tyneside.

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Multiple Newcastle United fans have flocked to the latest tweet from Mark Douglas that recently emerged on social media.

Journalist Douglas recently shared an article on Twitter concerning Newcastle managing director Lee Charnley. The article reflected on the last time Newcastle got relegated and what Charnley said when it happened under Rafael Benitez in 2016 and how it’s relevant today.

He said that the Magpies would’ve faced ‘bloodshed’ if they had stayed in the Championship for more than one season and it was a ‘gamble’ for the club from a financial point of view, as well as with regards to adhering to Financial Fair Play Rules. He said the club couldn’t operate properly when the wage bill was more than the turnover.

He made it clear that if the club hadn’t got promoted, it’d have been a ‘catastrophe’ and a ‘bloodbath’.

Douglas’ tweet drew the attention of many Newcastle fans, who made their views clear about this.

What did Newcastle fans make of Douglas’ tweet?

“Charnley is as culpable as anyone for the mess the club is in. No doubt he played a role in Bruce’s appointment & in the cabbage being allowed to continue in the job taking the club to its inevitable destiny under his management – the Championship.

Credit: @Fozzie94

“For a club that claim to know the devastating consequences of relegation, they haven’t acted like one. I used to think we were just reactive under Ashley, not proactive, but now it seems we’re neither. Sleepwalking towards disaster.
“Unthinkable is a good description of their managerial approach. Sleepwalking into a disaster. Again.”

Back in 2018, Charnley also said that Benitez would’ve left the club if they had been in the Championship for more than one season and lost some players as well (as per Chronicle Live).

With no fans in the ground, the club have taken a £40 million hit this time around and potential relegation this time could lead to an even worse situation for the Magpies.

“Bottom line. Leadership have failed. Yes Bruce is useless but admittedly he isn’t solely culpable. Since the takeover news it feels like leadership have literally washed their hands of the club and it shows. We are rudderless and heading for a cliff.”

Credit: @LLagay2011

Nufc Takeover Twitter Update

“The culpability stands firmly at Charnley, Barnes and Ashley’s door. They haven’t done enough to protect against relegation, in terms of replacing the coaching staff when it was clearly going wrong or investment in January. They never learn.”
“Pains me to say it, but a Sunderland style fall through the leagues may be the only thing that forces MA to sell a seriously devalued asset.”

The Magpies are currently 17th in the Premier League and they recently lost 3-0 to 16th-placed Brighton, which won’t be a pleasing result at all.

Nufc Takeover Twitter

It has previously been reported that since many Newcastle players don’t have relegation clauses in their contracts, they will carry their current wages to the Championship when the Magpies may not have the Premier League revenue, which could bring further financial misery (as per The Times).

So it makes for grim reading and the players should try as hard as they can to survive the drop.

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