Next Steam Sale 2020

  1. It's once again the time of year when Steam users can save big bucks on PC games: The Steam Summer Sale 2020 launched Thursday, June 25, and will run until July 9. That means today is the last.
  2. Every June, Steam users look forward to an absolute truckload of PC games going on sale as part of the platform's annual Summer Sale, and the time has finally come: Steam Summer Sale 2020 is live.
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The Steam Summer sale dates appear to have leaked ahead of time, giving you a heads up on when the next big round of deals will arrive.

The leak this time comes from the creator and primary data miner behind SteamDB, who cites developer sources saying the Steam Summer sale dates are set for June 25 through July 9.

Confirmed now, Jun 25 to Jul 9May 8, 2020

Upcoming Steam sale dates. Steam Summer Sale 2021. Jun 26, 2021 - Jul 8, 2021 Not confirmed. Steam Halloween Sale 2021. Oct 28, 2021 - Nov 1, 2021 Not confirmed. Steam Autumn Sale 2021. Nov 24, 2021 - Nov 30, 2021 Not confirmed. Steam Winter Sale 2021. Dec 21, 2021 - Jan 3, 2022 Not confirmed.

It still isn't official, though if years of previous experience are anything to go by, Valve won't confirm the Steam sale dates itself until it's ready to kick off the event. With that in mind, you should be prepared for those dates to potentially shift (though these kinds of leaks are usually pretty accurate).

Next steam sale 2020

With the Steam Summer sale dates sorted, here are some estimates for when the rest of this year's Steam sale dates will arrive.

Steam Halloween Sale 2020: The Steam Halloween Sale 2020 will probably be brief (the 2019 sale only lasted five days) and it will definitely overlap Halloween. That gives us an estimate of a start on October 28 and end on November 1.

Steam Autumn Sale 2020 (AKA Steam Black Friday Sale 2020): Last year, this sale went from the Tuesday before Black Friday to the Tuesday after, allowing it to cover Cyber Monday as well. That indicates the Steam Autumn Sale 2020 will start on November 24 and end on December 1.

Steam Winter Sale 2020: Last year, the Steam Winter Sale started the Thursday of the week before Christmas and ended on the Thursday of the week after. If the Steam Winter Sale 2020 follows the same pattern, it will start on December 17 and end on December 31. That said, Steam may extend the end date by a day or two to avoid ending the sale on New Year's Eve.

We'll keep this page updated with any Steam sale dates announcements or leaks as they roll in throughout the year.

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Steam's famous sales are great times for players to catch discounts on popular titles.


Lucky for players looking for deals, there are three Steam sales coming this year. Best professional oil painting brushes. Thanks to Steam.db, fans now have all the dates for Steam 2020 events. While Steam's most famous sale comes in summer, users shouldn't sleep on the bunch of smaller sales that happen throughout the year.

What are the dates of the next Steam sale?

From October 29 to November 2, Steam will kick off its annual Halloween sale, usually offering deep discounts on games that coincide with the spooky season. Players can expect discounts on horror games, but smaller developers often take the opportunity to showcase their own creepy games as well.

Next up in Steam's list of mini sales is the Autumn sale, set to run from November 25 to December 1st. Like previous years, this will most likely be a more general sale with a wide range of games available at slashed prices. Developers large and small often take advantage of the one week event.

But just like the Halloween sale, Steam veterans consider this one a warmup to Valve's second-largest sale of the year.

Next steam sale 2020 reddit

Christmas is coming to Steam on December 22 with the Winter Sale

Next Steam Sale 2020

While the Summer Sale might be the most famous Steam Sale, the Winter Sale is a clear second. It will run for two weeks from December 22 to January 5.

The Winter Sale is the only other Steam sale that frequently offers a gamified shopping experience. It's important to note that both the Summer and Winter sales often come with events where users can earn tokens or points to craft badges. But after the introduction of the Steam Points store earlier this summer, 2020's Winter Sale is likely to introduce even more items to the Steam Points shop. Currently, the shop has already been expanded twice, with each dollar spent on Steam awarding a user Steam Points that can be exchanged for profile backgrounds, animated avatars, chat emoticons, and more.

Here's a full breakdown of the release of the Steam Points store earlier this year, as well as its September update that added items from games such as Death Stranding, Mortal Kombat, and Dota 2.

Alongside the Winter Sale, fans can also expect a new profile background. The original release of the Steam Points store had its own craftable badge based on Steam Points spent, as well as a special, limited-time Golden Profile that could be purchased using points. The Golden Profile overhauled user profiles with glitzy gold, from the icon border all the way to how a user's name looked on Steam's friend's list.

It's likely that all of these sales will include additions to the Steam Points store, while winter will likely release a brand new legendary profile background like summer's golden option. The currently-available Golden Profile says that the next version will release in late 2020, right on time for Steam's Winter sale.

Next Steam Sale 2021

In other words, get those wallets ready; the Fall Guys animated avatars are awesome.

— Nick Johnson (@Lesona_) September 30, 2020

Steam Sale Tracker

Here is the full list of dates for Steam's upcoming sale events, courtest of Steam.db.

Steam Halloween Sale 2020

Steam Sale dates for Halloween, Autumn, and Winter

  • Steam Halloween Sale: October 29 through November 2
  • Steam Autumn Sale: November 25 through December 1
  • Steam Winter Sale: December 22 through January 5