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The NBA is the most tweeted-about sports league in 2018, according to Twitter, with more than 100 million NBA-related tweets heading into the NBA Finals, which begin Thursday. NBA Twitter Reacts to James Harden's Houston Rockets Tirade Dan Cancian 1/13/2021. COVID cases spike in Michigan, fueled by infections in kids. Japan PM to meet Biden in US on April 16.


NBA Twitter, players hilariously react to news of NBA's anonymous hotline at Disney originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

In order for the NBA to safely and successfully pull off a 22-team restart in Disney World this summer, they'll need to enforce a strict set of rules to prevent positive coronavirus tests.

One way they plan to enforce such rules is to enact an anonymous hotline. This way, if players see individuals in the bubble acting irresponsibly or breaking health protocol, they can report that person to the league.

Of course, news of this triggered quite the response NBA fans on Twitter and a few players as well.

Nba Twitter

Oh they snitchin snitchinπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Moleskine evernote smart notebook review.

β€” Donovan Mitchell (@spidadmitchell) June 17, 2020

Snitch hotline lol

β€” kuz (@kylekuzma) June 17, 2020

So if it's exactly that, a snitch hotline, then which players would try to utilize it? That's when the memes started pouring in.

The best ones had Chris Paul and LeBron James at the center.


'Yes, it was Giannis and Kawhi out with no masks. I'm certain of it'

β€” Mickstape (@MickstapeShow) June 17, 2020

Chris Paul calling the NBA's bubble-violation hotline for the sixth time in one night

Nba Twitter Reaction

β€” Blue Wire Podcasts (@bluewirepods) June 17, 2020

Chris Paul on the anonymous hotline.

Nba Trades Twitter

β€” James (@JamesDGrambo) June 17, 2020


Whether the NBA actually needs an anonymous hotline to make sure everyone inside the bubble is safe remains to be seen.

Either way, players are definitely lucky the Timberwolves were eliminated and D'Angelo Russell isn't walking around with his phone.

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