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Jordan Is People’s Sexiest Man Alive—And Twitter Users Are Loving It Abby Gardner Fact check: Joe Biden isn't to blame for rising diesel prices. Michael Bakari Jordan (/ b ɒ k ɒ r iː /; born February 9, 1987) is an American actor and producer. He is known for his film roles as shooting victim Oscar Grant in the drama Fruitvale Station (2013), boxer Donnie Creed in Creed (2015), and Erik Killmonger in Black Panther (2018), all three of which were directed by Ryan Coogler.

Michael B. Jordan has accomplished many things in his 33 years. He's starred in critically acclaimed TV shows, like The Wire and Friday Night Lights, and iconic movies, like Black Panther and Creed. He also has his own production company, Outlier Society Productions, which has been a leader in diversity and inclusivity.

Now, he's People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2020.

“It's a cool feeling,” he told the magazine. “You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get.’ But it’s a good club to be a part of.”


MBJ says the women in his family “are definitely proud of this one.” “When my grandmother was alive, [People magazine] was something that she collected, and then my mom naturally reads it a lot and my aunts as well,” he said. “This is one that they’re definitely going to have a special place for.”

He gave his grandmother a shout out on the ’Gram too. “My grandma lookin down talkin bout ’that’s my baby' 😂Thanks @People for naming me 2020’s #SexiestManAlive! Order a copy !” he wrote in a caption, alongside his cover.

In his interview Michael B. Jordan also spoke about how much his family helped him get to where he is today. “My mom and dad sacrificed so much to provide for my sister, brother, and me,” he said. “I'm just grateful. Honestly it’s like they all have had such an impact on me and who I am and how I approach each day. Without that, a lot of things about me just wouldn’t be the same. So it all comes back to that foundation. I’m really thankful for that.”

The reactions on Twitter to the new Sexiest Man Alive are overwhelming positive.

See? Not everything in 2020 is terrible. Congrats, MBJ!

Michael B. Jordan may be a no-holds-barred badass in the world of Wakanda, but IRL he's actually just a nice guy.

He's happy to honour a lost bet, he's a big fan of anime, and he shares a home with his parents.

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On Thursday, a tweet describing some of these lesser-known Jordan facts went viral.

Michael B Jordan Is A 5’9” Adult Man That Loves Anime & Lives With His Parents..Y’all Told Me All Of Those Things Were Unacceptable Though

Michael B Jordan TwitterMichael b jordan twitter page

— Chris (@chrisfrom_216) February 22, 2018

So viral, in fact, that it caught the attention of the man himself. And he wanted to set the record straight on a few things..

First of All I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck on my name. LOL..aaaand goku & naruto are real ones 🙌🏾 lol https://t.co/QspyHD2zwH

Michael Jordan Twitter Real

— Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan) February 23, 2018


Turns out he really is a big anime fan, too.

oh you’re into that kinda of anime.. the mainstream ones pic.twitter.com/K9980X7yS1

— 𝓲𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓲 ♥ (@heartofmani) February 23, 2018

Nah that was a softball for the anime uneducated 🤓

— Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan) February 23, 2018

Good for you, Michael B. Jordan. In 2018, no man should have to hide his love for anime.

Actor Michael B Jordan Girlfriend

Man cares for his parents and likes Dragon Ball. RESPECT https://t.co/lysgapyG3w

Michael B Jordan Twitter

— Antonis P C (@AntonisPC4) February 23, 2018