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Looking for the fastest Steamworks fuel farm in Monster Hunter World? Well Capcom added an event quest that will allow you to rack up on fuel for the Steamworks in no time.

Capcom did a survey where they asked which monster was the most hunted and least hunted in Monster Hunter World and the results were that Zinogre was the most hunted monster in the game (mainly due to the level 4 decos that you can get from a quest) and that Brute Tigrex was the least hunted monster (probably because he’s annoying). So they made event quest from both those monsters. They did something similar to this in previous Monster Hunters.

After update window10 MHW can't launch Nooooooo Help Try verify game cache. Once done, restart steam or your pc (preferably pc). Maybe this will fix it. Sending your screenshot to Steam Support. View your open help request by clicking on the unique link that Steam emailed you (or use to narrow down to your issue and create a new help request) At the bottom of the message form, click 'Browse for a file' or drag and drop your image on to the message area. Check the links below for more information on every coin or ticket that can be obtained in the game! This is a list of all coins and tickets in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Monster Hunter World Guide & Walkthrough Wiki.

Step into the Arena and take on Zinogre, the most hunted monster in #Iceborne, in one very rewarding Event Quest “A Farewell to Zinogre.”
Victors walk away with Dragonvein Coals and materials to craft Layered Armor!

— Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) October 16, 2020Mhw iceborne steam ticketBoost

Least hunted ANSWER: 18% of you were on the right track! The least hunted #Iceborne monster was Brute Tigrex.
Take on this ferocious Flying Wyvern in a special Event Quest “Brand New Brute”, starting Oct 23.

— Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) October 13, 2020


The event for both of these monsters will drop Dragonveil Coal (100 ea), Dragon Coal Chunks (500 ea) and Giant Dragonveil Coal (1000). The event to hunt Zinogre is called “A Farewell to Zinogre” and the event for Brute Tigrex is called “Brand New Brute”. While in the Zinogre quest you can also farm gold and silver eggs.

What if its not available?

If these events are not up you need to wait until they come back around. These event usually come during festivals or when they come around again on the event schedule.

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I have another farming method you can try here.

Mhw Extra Steam Tickets

Once you have the coal, just take them to the Steamworks. Remember, you don’t need to press the inputs at the Steamworks because they are random and don’t follow the number sequence. Just hold the R2 button.

Mhw Steam Ticket Use


Mhw Steam Ticket Farm

I like to just set my controller upside down and let the weight of the controller press the button down on the floor. It will automatically go through the game until you run out of fuel. You can spend them all at once or wait until Celestial Wyverian Prints come around as the overdrive bonus.

Mhw Steam Ticket

Steamworks is a great way to stock up on Mega Potions, Armor Spheres, Max Potions and other things needed for battle. You can also take the steam tickets you get to the Elder Melder to cash in for Mega Demondrugs, Mega Armorskin and Dash Juice.

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Steam Ticket Mhw Iceborne