Mendeley Software For Mac

Add References

In the Desktop:

  • Option 1: Watched Folders
    • In 'Preferences' or 'Options' go to the 'Watched Folders' tab. You can set Mendeley up to see whenever you download a new PDF to a folder. Note: We do not recommend Watching your Downloads folder, as Mendeley will attempt to import anything it finds there.
  • Option 2: Import Files and Folders
    • Drag and drop a PDF file or folder of PDFs into the desktop application. Mendeley will extract citation information for that file.
  • Option 3: Enter Data Manually
    • Click the drop-down arrow beside the 'Add' icon or go to 'File > Add Entry Manually' to bring up the dialog box to import a file manually. Note: if you have a PubMed ID or digital object identifier (DOI), you can normally use the magnifying glass tool to auto-populate the fields.

Find Mendeley software downloads at CNET, the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted, and spyware-free downloads on the Web. See Getting Started or our Support Portal. Mendeley for Mac provides an useful solution to document management. It has 1GB of free cloud-based storage which is also upgradable to 2GB for $5 per month, 5GB for $10, or $15 for unlimited storage. Mendeley for Mac comes with cross-platform compatibility and has a clear interface that is easy to.

On the Web:

  • Use the Mendeley Web Importer, available for many modern browsers

Note: for each of these methods, the data Mendeley can scrape from a PDF depends on how clean the source data is — garbage in, garbage out!

Write a Paper (in Word)

Depending on your version of Mendeley, the Word toolbar might appear under either 'References' or 'Add-ins'.

  • Mendeley should install and update the Word plugin by default. Check by visiting 'Tools > Install Word Plugin'.
  • In Word, put the cursor where you would like a citation to appear.
  • Click 'Insert or Edit Citation' and look up a paper. Additional options for page numbers and other material in the parentheses can be found by clicking on the 'Lastname Year' in the text box.
  • Another option is to select 'Go to Mendeley' in the dialog box, look for the citation, and send the citation to Word.
    • This process is not obvious!
      • After you click 'Go to Mendeley,' two new buttons will appear in the icon panel between Sync and Help.
      • Once you select the citation(s), click the 'quotes' icon.
  • To add page numbers, you can edit the citation and pull up the additional options in the same way as the previous bullet.

Create a Bibliography

Option 1: Use the Word plugin

  • Click 'Insert Bibliography'. Note: You can change your citation style in the Mendeley toolbar or find more tools.

Option 2: Use a folder

If you are coming into Mendeley at the last minute and would prefer not to use the Word plugin (or have a different word processor), the best way to get your references into your bibliography is to create a folder in Mendeley.

  • Drag and drop your references into your folder.
  • Navigate to that folder, select one of the references, and then click CTRL+A (for PC users) or Command+A (for Mac users) to copy the reference.
  • Right-click to pull up the menu and click 'Copy As > Formatted Citation'.
  • You can now paste that text into your document.
Mendeley Software For Mac

Note: You will need to make sure that you are using the correct citation style before creating your bibliography frpm a folder. Citation styles can be found within 'View > Citation Style'.

Mendeley and LaTeX

Mendeley has many helpful features for citing in LaTeX:

  • In 'Preferences' or 'Options', navigate to the BibTeX tab.
  • Ensure that 'Escape Special Characters' is selected.
  • You can also use journal abbreviations or set up Mendeley to sync a .bib file to a specific folder.
  • To copy .bib-formatted entries manually to paste into a .bib file (or into an online editor such as ShareLaTeX or Overleaf), first create a folder for your references.
    • Drag and drop relevant references into that folder.
    • Navigate to that folder, select one of the references, and then click CTRL+A (for PC/Linux users) or Command+A (for Mac users).
    • Right-click to pull up the menu and click 'Copy As > BibTeX entry'.
    • You can paste that text into your .bib file.
  • More information on citing in LaTeX is available on the Bib Your TeX guide.

Mendeley Software For Mac Desktop

There are few different software options available to help health writers create a bibliographic database to manage references. Choice usually depends on personal preference, cost, functionality and effectiveness.

Based on the group discussions, most health writers are divided between Mendeley and EndNote.

If you’re considering referencing software for your writing and are unsure which one to use, we’ve weighed up the benefits of both to help you decide.

Why use referencing software?

Warren kinsella twitter deleted. To begin, it can help to understand why health and medical writers use external bibliographic databases for effective referencing.

Once you have sourced the articles you are citing for your medical writing project, keeping track of all the sources accurately can be difficult.

It’s easy to lose track of files, particularly if you’re working on more than one health writing project at a time or are sourcing references as you write.

Referencing managers allow you to create your own bibliographic library that is linked to your word processing document, storing the references you cite in one database.

Automated references can also help reduce errors that can occur if you’re numbering references manually.

Referencing software can also be an efficient tool to save you time by:

  • Entering or importing online citations into a database so you don’t have to type out each reference manually
  • Inserting your references accurately as you move or delete content
  • Creating a bibliography to fit any citation style with one click of a button
  • Accurately transcribing citation information.


EndNote allows you to import references from a search engine database (e.g. PubMed) to create a library of reference files. You can link this library to your work, allowing you to select references to cite as you write.


Mendeley Software For Mac

  • There are a huge variety of citation styles that you can use for essentially every journal.
  • Once downloaded, it can be linked easily to your word processing document.
  • You can create multiple libraries at once, for each individual writing project you’re working on.


  • EndNote referencing software can be expensive unless you have access through your academic institution. There is a web-based software available called EndNote Basic, which offers a free option with reduced functionality.
  • It can take a while to get used to the software and you may need to invest time into training.
  • EndNote can be downloaded onto your computer but check your computer, operating system and software as some systems may not meet requirements for compatibility.
  • If you’re writing for a client (not in-house) you need to make sure you unlink the EndNote fields in your word processing document before submitting. This helps make sure the text is formatted to appear as ‘plain text’.

Conclusion: EndNote is reliable software to use for a large library of files if you have access through an institution. It can otherwise be quite costly to purchase. EndNote can also take time to learn how to navigate the user interface and you may need to consider some training.


Mendeley is free referencing software that you can download onto your Mac or Windows computer. It appears to be the more popular choice for health writers to store their references for their work based on cost and ease of transferring PDF files into the reference manager.


  • The basic package is free with 2 GB of storage, however with access to an institution or a paid subscription, you can obtain extra storage.
  • It is easy to use with thousands of citation styles.
  • You can use the software to search for articles.
  • You can sync the libraries across devices (such as an iPad or iPhone) allowing you to work remotely.

Free Download Mendeley Desktop


  • Only Open Access full-text articles are accessible from a literature search performed in Mendeley. Alternately, you can perform a search in other external databases and save the full-text PDF files to import into Mendeley.
  • There is limited free storage space (2 GB).
  • It cannot work offline.

Conclusion: Mendeley is a cost-effective option for writers, with a user-friendly interface. If you’re unsure how to use referencing software, it may a good tool to try out first before making a decision.

One final thought on referencing software

Although choosing a referencing manager can be a great time-saving solution to store your references accurately, it may not always be the best tool to use for every writing project.

Some clients prefer that you don’t link your references to a database that you create, as it can create problems from their end to read the text.

It’s always best to check first before creating an externally linked bibliography to your word processing document.

Do you use referencing software for your writing projects? We would love to hear about your experiences and feel free to share in the comments below.