Mac Python Matplotlib

Install matplotlib python 3 pip python install matplotlib anaconda

  1. Mac Python Matplotlib Install
  2. Mac Python Matplotlib 中文乱码
  3. How To Use Matplotlib Python
  1. The Python concept of importing is not heavily used in MATLAB, and most of MATLAB’s functions are readily available to the user at the top level. Knowing that matplotlib has its roots in MATLAB helps to explain why pylab exists. Pylab is a module within the matplotlib library that was built to mimic MATLAB’s global style.
  2. Mat plotlib is a 2D publication library that produces high-quality graphics.
  3. Working with Matplotlib on OSX ¶ On OSX, two different types of Python builds exist: a regular build and a framework build. In order to interact correctly with OSX through the native GUI frameworks, you need a framework build of Python. At the time of writing the macosx and WXAgg backends require a framework build to function correctly.
  4. Pythonista 1.5 also comes with matplotlib, the popular 2D plotting library for turning data sets into charts and other types of visualizations through Python. Alongside NumPy (which has been added to Pythonista as well), matplotlib was one of the most requested libraries by Python users, and it’s now available inside the iOS app.

Install matplotlib python 3 pip python install matplotlib anaconda : The tutorial will explain the installation of the matplotlib in the python programming language. Also, install matplotlib by anaconda method and pip method. Matplotlb is used to be installed before the plotting function. There are different ways for the installation of the matplotlib in your system.

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  1. Matplotlib Introduction :-

It is developed by John Hunter in 2002. It is 2D and 3D plotting used for the visualization of library that produces the quality.
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplot inline
It is the visualization library used as 2D plot of an array in python language. It will allow is access of huge data which is easily digestible and consists of plots like scatter, histogram, etc. It is multiplatform library build on the numpy arrays and designed to work with scipy stack. The installation of the matplotlib will depend and has dependencies on the packages.
There are many ways to install matplotlib and the way will depend on Os which we are using. Which show installed what you use all details should be known.

Installation of matplotlib:-

Python-mpip install-U matplotlib

Importing matplotlib:-

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
Or the
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Mac Python Matplotlib Install

Matplotlib has package for linux distribution:-

  1. Fedora: it is sundo dnf to install matplotlib
  2. Red Hat: sudo yum to install matplotlib
  3. Debin: sudo apt install matplotlib
  4. Arch: sudo pacman for matplotlib

Using package manager linux install matplotlib:-

On linux you can use a package manager and the matplotlib is the linux distribution.
Debian and Fedora are used to install matplotlib in python programming.

Install the python 3.x:-

  1. It is the first step even if you have the old version of python you should install the new version as 3.5 or 3.6.On the window machine download it and install the latest python from the windows. Then on Mac you download and install the Mac version.
  2. Then the second step is installing the matplotlib:-

On laptop:-

  1. After installation of python, we have to open the new terminal app window as,

pip3.install matplotlib
On windows laptop:-

  1. After 3.5 are installed we have to open the command prompt window and type the “command prompt” in the search box and click on the start button.

pip3.install matplotlib

Using anaconda distribution of python:-

Simple way to install matplotlib to download and install the anaconda of python.
The anaconda of python will come with matplotlib with preinstalled and installation steps are necessary.
It will come with matplotlib if you are using anaconda distribution of python.

Install matplotlib with anaconda prompt:-

It is installed using anaconda prompt.
If the prompt is available on the machine and seen in windows start menu.
To install matplotlib open the anaconda prompt.
conda install matplotlib

pip Install matplotlib :-

The developers are working to simplify the installation process, and you can install using the pip as follows,
>>import matplotlib
If the import will run then you are finished and you can start matplotlib.
And if import statement will fail then see at the appropriate section below os.
It can be installed on using the python package pip to install the matplotlib with pip and open the window,
$pip install matplotlib


Verify the installation:-

The commands will install the matplotlib in the current python enviourement.
Steps for installation:-
Check the matplotlib if installed:-
We have to check the matplotlib if already installed on the system.
>import matplotlib
If message is not seen then the matplotlib is installed on system and gets started.
After that, if you receive the error message then we have to read the section for help.

Installing matplotlib on linux:-

If the python version is already installed on your system then you can use system manager to install matplotlib in one line.
$sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib
If you use 2.7 then use,
$sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib
If the new version is installed then install some libraries that matplotlib depend,
$sudo apt-get install python 3.5-dev python 3.5-tk tk-dev
$sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev g++
Also use pip to install matplotlib,
$pip install –user matplotlib

Installing matplotlib on windows:-

For installing the matplotlib on windows first step is to install the visual studio and help system to install the package on which matplotlib depends.
Go to then click on download and is free for developer tool. Then download it and run on the installer.
Then for the installer go to the .

  1. Installing matplotlib on OS X:-

The matplotlib is present in aple with standard python installation and check it whether it is already installed.
If it is installed and used then install it as,
$pip install—user matplotlib

  1. Install pygal:-

It is a new and good thing that the library is improved.
There are two choices to install the version of 1.7 will support code and install modify some codes.
Running pygal code:-
$pip install—user pygal1.7
Then on windows see,
>python-m pip install—user pygal1.7

Question or issue on macOS:

I was trying to install matplotlib in Mac OSX Lion. Tried to used the binary that is in the sourcefourge site, but I got this error: “matplotlib requires System Python 2.7 to install”.

I went to the Terminal and typed python –version and its check the requirements.

After this I tried to used the pip, and while doing so é got the following error:

“src/_image.cpp:908: error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘struct png_info_def’”

Can you give me clues in how to install it?

Many thanks.

EDIT: I found a way, without having to install a new version of python:

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

You can try with an “official” python distribution, apple might have tweaked the supplied one. You can find the 2.7 here:
You might have to re-install numpy as well afterwords:

I would suggest to install scipy as well
Let me know if it works 😉

Solution no. 2:

This is because of a change in the API for libpng v1.5 (which is included with Mac OSX Lion). The changes has already been pushed upstream, so you will need to compile from the upstream repository until the next release.

Mac Python Matplotlib 中文乱码

You can follow the instructions on

Solution no. 3:

I followed this page’s instructions. I got stuck at

Then I did:

Checked my installation by typing in terminal:

I got version 0.10.0 dev (as of this writing) and path /usr/local/Cellar/…

Solution no. 4:

I would recommend using macports, it should take care of dependencies and would be indepedent of the system python version.

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EDIT: Just a few clarifications, taking into account comments to this answer.

Why use macports (or another installer)? Because they take care of dependencies, provide functionality to uninstall and switch between versions (I’ve used the latter successfully for gcc and python). And because the default installation location is not the system executable location. Overriding the system python can break applications that rely on it (this is certainly true in many Linux distributions, maybe less so on mac OS X).

Mac Python Matplotlib

When is it particularly useful? When you want to install on top of a version of python that is different to system python, and when you have non-python extensions (C, C++, Fortran…).

What’s the down side? As @Trond has mentioned in the comments, it is good if you’re OK with default compilations of packages. You don’t have a handle over configuration or compiler flags as you would if you built from source.

A good alternative to macports is fink, which seems to give you more control (build from source). I am not sure it is completely ready for mac OS X Lion yet.

Solution no. 5:

I know it will take a lot more time, but I would reccomend installing python, numpy, and matplotlib from source to ensure that you have consistency in your system. From the error it could look like you have a problem with libPNG support. I have a written a “How to install python dev tools on Mac OSX” that you may find useful. It contains directions for how to install python, numpy, matplotlib and all necessary dependencies. I understand you are working with Python 2.7 and the directions I am listing is for Python 2.6.5, but it would be the same approach. Hope you get it to work.

Solution no. 6:

How To Use Matplotlib Python

You could just install the Python 2.6 version of Matplotlib, assuming that Python2.6 is included with Lion (py2.5 & 2.6 are included with Mac OS 10.6 “Snow Leopard” – try typing python2.6 to find out if that version is installed.).

On MacPorts you do this via something like:

where py26-… (or py25-…, py27-… etc.) indicates which python version it is meant for. (check the Pallet/ports list to get the correct package name, in case I guessed wrong)

Matplotlib python tutorial

Hope this helps!