Mac Brow Styler Spiked

MAC EYE BROWS STYLER - Eyebrow pencil - spiked/dark brown for 17,85 € with free delivery at Zalando.

  • A self-propelling and self-sharpening water-resistant brow definer with an added spoolie that adds shape, colour and density.
  • This isn't my eyebrow routine. Mac Shape + Shade Brow Tint - Spiked ABH Clear Brow Gel ABH Auburn Brow Gel ps: this isn't my brow routine:) INSTAGRAM: theli.

It cooled down quite a bit here since last weekend. At least 20 degrees. Last weekend it was freakin’ ? Mac lip pencil beet. hot. Like, the type of hot that makes you feel like your thighs are going to spontaneously combust into beef jerky slabs when you climb into your car.

To beat the heat, I left the house to get my errands done early on Saturday morning, but I was still sweating like a nervous teenager on a first dance. I was really surprised when I got home to find that my brows were still doing their thing. HELLO! — it’s the little things, ya know? Like not sweatin’ your face off while you’re buying watermelon and strawberries.

Thanks, MAC Eye Brows Styler pencil!


MAC revamped it recently, and I’ve been using the new version. I like it! Did you ever use the old one? I used it once or twice, and I can’t remember why I didn’t use it on the regular.

This new version is cool. Granted, I don’t remember how I felt about the previous one, but this one doesn’t budge at all.

“Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow-defining – and now with an updated water-resistant formula and added spoolie. Offers grooming alongside extreme colour precision in one dynamic microfine pencil that emulates fine hair-like strokes on brows for a perfected look. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour and/or density. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point for striking arches. Easy to tote around — no sharpener needed.”

— MAC website

The old one didn’t have a spoolie, but this one does, and I like it because it means that I can fill in my brows without having to grab a separate brow comb.

Also, the tip of the pencil is thinner than it was in the old version, and it’s crazy precise. I can draw individual tiny brow hairs without really thinking about it. By comparison, it’s more precise than MAC Brow Sculpt, which I also like.

Overall, I like the defined look and overall shape of my brows when I use this (they’re sharp, but not Insta-sharp, although you could easily do that too if you wanted).

Available in eight shades, $18 each

  • Brunette, a gray brown
  • Stylized, a brown
  • Tapered, a reddish brown
  • Fling, a light taupe ash blonde
  • Lingering, a soft taupe-brown
  • Spiked, a rich brunette
  • Stud, a deep rich blackened brown
  • Strut, a mid-tone bronzed brown

I’m into it, but you might not be if the older formula was your ride-or-die. Many peeps on the MAC website are saying that the new formula doesn’t measure up to the previous one, but bear in mind that any time MAC revamps something in the permanent collection, some people always storm the village square with pitchforks and torches, which I totally get, because OY VEY! — I’m not feelin’ their new synthetic 224 at all…

Mac Brow Styler Spiked

Still, I like this brow pencil. I think it’s good and majorly sweat-proof. I wear a slightly naughty-sounding shade called Stud, which is a blackened brown.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

Mac Eyebrow Styler Spiked