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Mac Black Eyeliner Pencil Review


Oh no! I’ve been so slack at updating my MUA blog. Concentrating too much on modelling again! I had two shoots last week and been focusing lots on my new modelling website which is due to be launched shortly. Still, I really need to get more MUA work as well to get the ball rolling.

I was offered work tomorrow for an MUA and hair-styling job for a female and male model in Utrecht. Very much looking forward to it until I was informed that the photographer is ill so has to postpone till next week! A little gutted but to be honest I was a tad nervous as have limited experience with elaborate make-up. But since I practice make-up on myself, I hope I’ll be ok. And with the limited budget I have at the moment to invest on more make-up, I will have to make do with my own collection. Did I tell you I’m a MAC addict? Now am getting started with Shu Uemura. Going to make-up counters there is like walking into a candy store! And luckily for my wallet, there no longer is a Shu Uemura shop in Amsterdam anymore.

The lady organizing the shoot sent me a mood board which was most helpful. It calls for Fairy Tale atmosphere to bring on the advent of Springtime. All looking quite pure and simple but with slight edginess. It calls for sheer base with strong lining around the eyes and rosy lips. Flicked eyes with dark eyeliner but outlining with some blue.

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Mac Black Eyeliner Pencil Pen

The look with the elongated “cat’s eyes” will be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, that can be done with tracing the eyes with black eyeliner (I may like to draw it first with a light eye pencil before going over it with liquid eyeliner) and extending them out and upwards before contouring the eye-sockets in brown. The brows will have to follow the directions of where the liner gets extended. Then I can colour the bottom of the eyes in blue. First thing that comes to mind is MAC’s Fluidline in Jadeye and setting it with a bright turquoise shadow from, say, Urban Decay. Then I would outline that with a silver liquid liner like MAC’s Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in Nocturnal. Maybe top it up with some glittery eyeliner too.

Hmmm and I’ve always wanted to experiment with embellishments like glitter and those little studs. I’ve never done anything like that before so I’ll surely need some practice as well as lots of patience! Does anyone out there have advice they care to share with me? It would be most useful!

Mac Black Eyeliner Pencil Colors

And while we’re at it, maybe someone can give me some tips and suggestions as to my ideas….