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200-8000 (6000 at launch) Wired. Fully customizable RGB lighting. Part of new 'Prodigy' line intended for new PC gamers, with all 'Prodigy' products costing $69.99 USD, except this mouse, which costs $39.99. Uses a new sensor, exact model and details are withheld, only known as the 'Mercury' sensor. Posted 10 October 2014 - 03:49 AM. G13 works fantastically in MWO. Analog stick was instantly recognised by client so I have full analog control over the movement of my mech. Much much nicer bit of kit than the old Nostromo I have lying around, as is expected from Logitech. Morang, on 10 October 2014.

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Mac lip pencil currant. The Logitech G19 was a keyboard produced by Logitech designed specifically for gamers. It included 12 macro keys that could each have 3 macros assigned to them. It included an upgraded color LCD screen with a higher resolution in comparison to the screen from its earlier model, the Logitech G15 and the newer keyboard Logitech G510. Another notable difference of the G19 when compared to previous G15 and G510 models is that it required a separate power source; as such it came packaged with an AC power supply.[1]

Logitech G13 discontinued! Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2018. Verified Purchase. Logitech has discontinued this product. Now they are selling from 3rd party sellers at over $200. I purchased this product in December 2017 for $57. If you are thinking about buying this product, do not purchase it for any more than the $80 brand new.

Available layouts[edit]

US - United States
UK - United Kingdom
DK - Danish
NO - Norwegian
SE - Swedish
FI - Finnish
ES - Spanish
IT - Italian
DE - German
CH - Swiss
RU - Russian
FR - French
CZ - Czech
HR - Croatian

Other features[edit]

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  • 320×240 pixel color screen with 8 navigation buttons
  • Ability to create hotkeys
  • Ability to create macros using the MR key without the included 'Keyboard Profiler' application (e.g., while in a game)
  • Ability to press up to five keys simultaneously
  • Switch to disable Windows key during games
  • Entire device is backlit by different color LEDs which can be turned off, or have their color altered (Windows & Mac)
  • Media buttons and 'drum' style volume control
  • Built in powered USB 2.0 hub, with 2 external USB ports located on the back of the device
  • Play YouTube movies directly on the screen
  • View Webcam output on the screen

Logitech Gamepad G13

Game and application support[edit]

Many different games have native support for the G19. For these games, information such as ammunition, health and items the player is currently holding can be displayed on the LCD panel. Some games and programs require patches to allow the G19 to be used with them. It's worth noting that the G19 will run all plugins created for the G15/G13, although in black-and-white only. Current games and programs with support for the LCD are shown in the list below:

Game TitleStatus
Age of Conan: Hyborian AdventuresLCD Native, Profile: plugin
America's ArmyNative support (as of v2.8.2)
Armed Assaultplugin
Battlefield 2Needs patch
Battlefield 2142Native support (as of v1.25)
Battlefield Bad Company 2Native support
Blacklight: RetributionNative support
BorderlandsNative support
Borderlands 2Native support
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!Native support
Brothers In Arms: Earned in BloodNeeds patch
Brothers In Arms: Hell's HighwayNative support
Sid Meier's the Civilization IVNeeds patch
Sid Meier's Civilization VNative support
CrysisNeeds patch
Crysis WarheadNative support (as of Game Panel Software 2.02.101)
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium WarsNative support (as of v1.05)
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's WrathNative support
Commandos: Strike ForceNative support
Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveNative support [2]
Counter-Strike SourceNative support [2]
Dragon Age: OriginsNative support
Doom / Doom II: Hell on Earthsourceport
Duke Nukem ForeverNative support
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivionplugin
Enemy Territory: Quake WarsNative support
Entropia UniverseNative support
EverQuest IINative support (as of GU43)
Eve OnlineCommunity build applets
EvolveNative support
Falcon 4.0: Allied ForceNative support (as of Game Panel Software 2.02.101)
Falcon 4.0external software
F.E.A.R. 2: Project OriginNative support (as of Single Player Demo)
Garry's Modplugin
Guild Warsplugin
Guild Wars 2Native support
GT LegendsNative support (as of Game Panel Software 2.02.101
GTRNative support (as of Game Panel Software 2.02.101)
GTR2Native support (as of Game Panel Software 2.02.101)
Hellgate: LondonNative support
League of LegendsNative support
The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of AngmarNative support
Mercenaries 2: World In FlamesNative support
Neverwinter Nights 2Native support
PreyNative support (Works with Steam edition)
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45Native support
rFactorNative support
Rise of LegendsNeeds patch
Serious Sam 3: BFENative support
Sid Meier's Railroads!Native support
SiN Episodes: EmergenceNative support
Star Trek: OnlineNative support
Star Wars Battlefront IINeeds patch
Star Wars GalaxiesNative support (as of chapter 4 update)
The Talos PrincipleNative support
TimeShiftNative support
Tom Clancy's The DivisionNative support
The Witcher (Enhanced Edition)Native support
Titan Quest: Immortal ThroneSaves in Plugins folder
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: LockdownNative support
Unreal Tournament 2004Needs patch
Vanguard: Saga of HeroesNative support
Vendetta OnlineNative support
War Front: Turning PointNative support
Warhammer: Mark of ChaosNative support
World of TanksNative support (as of v0.7.1)
World of WarcraftNative support (as of v1.11)
X³: Reunionplugin
Other programsStatus
Garmin Ant+ Heart rate displayapplet
cFosSpeedNative support (as of cFosSpeed v6.60 and Logitech Gaming Software v7.00)
EGSNative support
Everest Ultimate EditionNative support
FrapsNative support (as of v2.7)
Funky G19 Media Playerapplet
Spotify LCD Applicationapplet
G19 SmartProcessapplet
G19 Mediaplayer Classic HC/BEapplet
G19 utorrent (for utorrent/qbittorrent)applet
HWMonitor ProNative support
Internet Calculator V3applet
LCDHostNative support
Media Player ClassicNative support (in Home Cinema Fork)
Miranda IMplugin
MSI AfterburnerNative support
Pandora Radio[(Out Dated)]
PC Wizard 2008Native support
RivaTunerNative support
Song lyrics (MiniLyrics G15 plugin)plugin
TeamSpeakVOIP ClientNative support (as of v3.0) / plugin (v2)
Winamp Visual Systemplugin
Lyrics (WVS)plugin
VentriloVOIP ClientNative support
VLC video output pluginplugin
WinUAE Commodore Amiga EmulatorNative support (as of v1.2)
XfireNative support (as of v1.62)
EVGA Precision[1]
MumbleVOIP ClientNative support (as of v.1.1.7) [2] (G15 Applet only)

See also[edit]

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