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Left Handed Mechanical Switch Keyboard. Created specially for left handed typists this Left Handed Keyboard features high quality mechanical switch technology with a key life of 20 million cycles. The standard numeric keypad is positioned on the left for ease of use by left handed typists. Left-handed keyboards are already a small minority, so finding one with the right switches is even harder. So far I haven't found anything - apparently Filco, Sejin, etc used to have left-handed keyboards as well, but they seem to all have been discontinued. Cinhent One Handed Gaming Keyboard - V100 Mini FN+ESC Button LED Backlight 35 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Ergonomic Pro Gamer Left Hand Single-Hand Control Keypad for PC Laptop Computer $12.69 $ 12. 69 $13.99 shipping.

I want to share with you my mechanical gaming keyboard & left-handed mouse setup. This unconventional setup has given me a real advantage in gaming. I don’t expect this setup will be perfect for everyone. If you have already honed your gaming setup that’s awesome. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new approach or just want to get some new ideas, then I hope you find this information useful.

I’m right-handed, but I’m a left-handed computer gamer

I’m right-hand dominant and not ambidextrous in anything other than computer gaming as it turns out. Even when I work on my computer I use the mouse with my right hand. When gaming, I hold the mouse with my left hand and use the keys on my mechanical gaming keyboard with my right hand. I use the right side region of the keyboard only.

This is my PC mechanical gaming keyboard and left-handed mouse setup.

This reversal evolved over time, but I started out gaming the traditional way. For years I relied on the default keys that are assigned in computer games and only made minor adjustments to the default key bindings. For example, I always used the W, A, S, and D keys that are set as the default directional movement keys in most popular games. But, the default keys never felt natural to me even when I tweaked some key bindings. This is why I began looking for a better approach and I finally found the answer.

The right side of the mechanical gaming keyboard has advantages in computer gaming

I started noticing certain characteristics of the right side of the keyboard versus the left side that I liked. For one, the keys on the right side of the keyboard are perfectly aligned and not staggered. That’s pretty obvious, but I found I prefer aligned keys for gaming. Also, the right side of the keyboard is comprised of key groups separated by empty space. The separation of key groups is something I particularly like. This demarcation extends capability in a sense – the ability to assign the most important keys to one key group while binding specialized and/or less used keys to another group. I discovered this helps to cut down on accidental keystrokes during the heat of battle as well.

Left handed keyboard and mouse

Better hand placement is a major factor that has improved my gameplay

Left Hand Numpad Mechanical Keyboard

The thumb is stronger than the pinky, but it’s somewhat awkward and performs best striking larger keys like the spacebar. The unconventional setup accommodates the thumb by providing several large key options like the Ctrl, Shift, and Enter within close access. In addition to the thumb related advantage, by using the upper set of keys (Home, Delete, End, and Page Down) as directional keys, the hand naturally rests higher onto the keyboard. This provides easy access to more keys based on the proximity of the hand on the keyboard. The image below helps to illustrate hand placement differences I’m talking about.

Setting up a mechanical gaming keyboard for left-handed gaming

I do not use all 33 custom key bindings exactly as shown in the previous example under the unconventional setup, but my setup closely resembles this. If you are thinking of experimenting with a left-handed setup, you could start with binding a limited number of keys. For example, there is usually a maximum of 16-20 keys that are absolutely crucial for most games. I’ve found that I can pretty much thrive just binding 16 keys initially. This is even true for games I play that are fast-reflex, first-person shooter (FPS) games like Rust, Battlefield, or Escape from Tarkov. Any keys beyond the initial 16 are an afterthought for me. It has a lot to do with the specific game I’m playing. I add additional bindings as the need presents itself. My setup also continuously evolves as I explore new ways of improving gameplay. For example, right now I’m experimenting with rubberized textured keycaps.

An ambidextrous gaming mouse is key if you become a left-handed gamer

Dsi Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

I recommend a symmetricalPostmarked meaning. gaming mouse ideal for left-handed use. Search for “ambidextrous gaming mouse” and you should be able to find a good one. I use a very basic, entry-level symmetrical gaming mouse I bought on Amazon called the Razer Abyssus that’s ergonomically designed for right or left-handed use. Mine is an older model (purchased way back in 2012) with blue light as shown in the intro photo of this post. I highly recommend the Abyssus if you are looking for a simple mouse without side buttons. Otherwise, there is a great selection of ambidextrous gaming mice available from a variety of manufacturers that come with all kinds of great options to include side buttons. Two that I’m currently considering to test out are the SteelSeries Sensei ambidextrous gaming mouse and the Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse. My only reservation is that the Logitech G Pro does not appear to be completely symmetrical but is described as having an “ergonomic ambidextrous design” so it may be ideal. Both of these gaming mice appear to have great reviews.

Update 06/21/2019: I found a symmetrical mouse that I’m going to review. It’s the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse. I like this mouse because it appears to be completely symmetrical and can be used as a wired or wireless mouse. I’ll post a link to my review once it’s posted.

Update 07/10/2019: Here’s my review of the Logitech G900. This mouse rocks.

Left Handed Keyboard And Mouse


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