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Leffen constantly talks about other people in a negative light, causing unnecessary drama. Many old school smashers think that the scene has become more about drama since Leffen joined. This obviously hurts the scene and many new players quit shortly after introducing themselves. Leffen please stop this bullying. I think its pretty clear that youre just envious of Hbox. Hbox wins consistently with puff and you lose consistently with fox. I think you should spend more time practicing vs puff and less time hating on Hbox on twitter.

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2018-12-011stDreamHack Winter 20183 : 1Skyll$2,037
2018-10-283rdCanada Cup 20180 : 3Kazunoko
2018-08-0533 - 48thEvolution Championship Series 2018LYUKI_JP
2018-07-019 - 12thCommunity Effort Orlando 2018LDogura
2018-06-109 - 12thSummit of Power 20181 : 3Reynald$692
2018-05-2713 - 16thCombo Breaker 20181 : 2Cloud805
2018-04-082ndBrussels Challenge: Major Edition 20180 : 3GO1
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vs. Skyll
vs. Skyll
vs. Noka
vs. Kazunoko
vs. SonicFox
vs. Dogura
vs. Rudi
vs. Reynald
vs. GO1
vs. GO1
vs. Death Hidan
vs. Eifi
vs. Wawa
vs. GO1