Learndash Elementor

Apr 21, 2021 BuddyBoss is a theme that’s been built to take full advantage of the popular LearnDash LMS plugin. This theme can be used for many types of projects, but its high level of support for the LearnDash plugin makes it a good option for publishing online courses or building an eLearning platform with WordPress. Using social proof & FOMO marketing tactics, NotificationX helps you to gain trust and create urgency to skyrocket your WordPress conversion rates.

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  3. Learndash Elementor Addon
  4. Learndash Elementor Integration
  5. Learndash Elementor Integration
Add even more functionality to your online courses.

Certificate Builder

Visual drag and drop interface for building LearnDash certificates.

WooCommerce Integration

Sell courses using the most popular shopping cart on WordPress.

EDD Integration

Sell courses using the user-friendly Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart.

Stripe Integration

Sell your LearnDash courses using the Stripe payment gateway.

ThriveCart Integration


Sell courses, offer upsells and downsells with a shopping cart built for marketers

SamCart Integration

Sell your courses with a conversion optimized shopping cart.

Course Grid

Create custom course library displays using columns, categories, and descriptions.

Learndash Elementor

Zapier Integration

Connect LearnDash to over 300 different third party applications.

LearnDash Notifications

Send notifications based on what learners do (and do not do) in a course.

PowerPack For LearnDash

PowerPack for LearnDash includes 50 modules to power up your website.

Toolkit for LearnDash

Adds up to 10 extra features for your LearnDash site.

BuddyPress Integration

Add LearnDash activity streams, private messaging, and custom profiles.

bbPress Integration

Easily associate public or private forums for your courses.

Restrict Content Pro Integration

Connect LearnDash to Restrict Content Pro membership levels.

PaidMembershipsPro Integration

Integrate this free membership plugin with your LearnDash courses.

MemberPress Integration

Connect LearnDash to the popular MemberPress plugin. Wordpress booking system.

Gravity Forms Integration

Create completly custom registration forms for your LMS with Gravity Forms.

BadgeOS Integration

The best badge and point solution for WordPress. Adds gamification elements to your course content.

GamiPress Integration

A feature-rich way to award badges & points for completing both course and non-course related activities.

Event Espresso Integration

Offer elearning with your live events sold and managed through Event Espresso.

2Checkout Integration

Use the 2Checkout payment gateway for selling courses.

Content Cloner

Easily clone entire courses with the click of a button saving you hours of work.

MailChimp Integration

Automatically create segmented MailChimp email lists for your courses

Private Messaging for LearnDash

Private messaging allows both group chat and 1-1.

Notes for LearnDash

Allows learners to take notes as they go through LearnDash courses.

Visual Customizer

Visually brand your courses with professional templates and 20+ color-pickers.

LearnDash Gradebook

Manage and administer grades for students.

ConvertKit Integration

Automatically create segmented ConvertKit email lists for your courses.

Memberium Integration

Connect Keap (Infusionsoft) to LearnDash course and lesson activity.

Slack Integration

Adds real-time learner activities to the popular Slack application.

Multiple Instructors

Learn elementor

Allow for multiple course instructors similar to Udemy, Coursera, and Lynda.com.

Group Registration

Easily sell multiple licenses for your courses.

Front-End Course Creation

Create courses on the WordPress front-end instead of the standard admin.

GrassBlade – PRO Version

Best way to launch Tin-Can API courses from WordPress with LearnDash.

GrassBlade LRS

Connect your Tin-Can API data and specific LearnDash activities.

…And More!

Want more? Check out some of the amazing add-ons created by the WordPress community!

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Learndash Elementor

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Learndash Tutorial

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Learndash Elementor Addon

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Learndash Elementor Integration

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