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Union Pacific steam locomotive UP 844 en route in Jefferson City, Missouri, during the Great Excursion Adventure on Little Rock Express route in June 2010. Submitted photo by Ron Kennedy.

Three different factions that fight differently, The Last of Us Part II definitely wants to keep you on your toes. The limited open-world design of The Last of Us Part II also plays a big part in how you experience the game. While the game takes place through various chapters, Ellie will be doing her fair share of exploration both in and out of. The Last Of Us Part II is huge. Credit: Naughty Dog. There’s all sorts of controversy surrounding the upcoming Naughty Dog PS4 exclusive, The Last Of Us Part 2. I summed up some of this recently. The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece worthy of its predecessor. Taking strides forward in nearly every way, Ellie steps into the spotlight and carries the sequel in a manner that feels like the.

Steam Locomotive No. 844 is the last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific Railroad. It was delivered in 1944. A high-speed passenger engine, it pulled such widely known trains as the Overland Limited, Los Angeles Limited, Portland Rose and Challenger.

Many people know the engine as the No. 8444, since an extra '4' was added to its number in 1962 to distinguish it from a diesel numbered in the 800 series. The steam engine regained its rightful number in June 1989, after the diesel was retired.

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When diesels took over all of the passenger train duties, No. 844 was placed in freight service in Nebraska between 1957 and 1959. It was saved from being scrapped in 1960 and held for special service.

The engine has run hundreds of thousands of miles as Union Pacific's ambassador of goodwill. It has made appearances at Expo '74 in Spokane, the 1981 opening of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans and the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Los Angeles Union Station in 1989.

Hailed as Union Pacific's 'Living Legend,' the engine is widely known among railroad enthusiasts for its excursion runs, especially over Union Pacific's fabled crossing of Sherman Hill between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming.

The Northerns

The Northern class steam locomotives, with a wheel arrangement of 4-8-4, were used by most large U.S. railroads in dual passenger and freight service. Union Pacific operated 45 Northerns, built in three classes, which were delivered between 1937 and 1944. Initially the speedy locomotives, capable of exceeding 100 miles per hour, were assigned to passenger trains, including the famous Overland Limited, Portland Rose and Pacific Limited. In their later years, as diesels were assigned to the passenger trains, the Northerns were reassigned to freight service. They operated over most of UP's system.

The second series of Northerns was more than 114 feet long and weighed nearly 910,000 pounds. Most of them were equipped with distinctive smoke deflectors, sometimes called 'elephant ears,' on the front of the boiler. These were designed to help lift the smoke above the engine so the engine crew's visibility wasn't impaired when the train was drifting at light throttle. Slack 503.

The last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific was Northern No. 844. It was saved in 1960 for excursion and public relations service, an assignment that continues to this day. Any current excursions scheduled are posted on the Schedule page. Two other Northerns are on public display: No. 814 in Council Bluffs, Iowa and No. 833 in Ogden, Utah. A third Northern, No. 838, is stored in Cheyenne and is used as a parts source for No. 844.

Vital Statistics

Weight:907,980 lbs. or 454 tons Engine & Tender
Length:114 ft. 2-5/8 in. Engine & Tender
Tender Type:14-wheeled
Water Capacity:23,500 gallons
Fuel:6,200 gallons
No. 5 oil
Gauge of Track:4 ft. 8-1/2 in.
Cylinder:Diameter: 25 in.
Stroke: 32 in.
Driving Wheel Diameter:80 in.
Boiler:Inside Diameter: 86-3/16 in.
Pressure: 300 lbs.
Fire Box:Length: 150-1/32 in.
Width: 96-3/16 in.
Tubes:2-1/4 in. Diameter: 198 x 19 ft. 0 in.
5-1/2 in. Diameter: 58
Wheel Base:Driving: 22 ft. 0 in.
Engine: 50 ft. 11 in.
Engine & Tender: 98 ft. 5 in.
Weight in Working Order,
Leading: 102,130
Driving: 266,490
Trailing: 117,720
Engine: 486,340
Tender: 421,550
Evaporating Surfaces,
Square Feet:
Tubes: 2,204
Flues: 1,578
Fire Box: 442
Circulator & Arch Tubes: Removed, 1945
Total: 4,224
Superheating Surface,
Square Feet:
Grate Area:Removed, 1945
Maximum Tractive Power:63,800 lbs.
Factor of Adhesion:4.18

The Last of Us 2 on PC is highly anticipated among PC gamers. This 2020 blockbuster of Naughty Dog has arrived a few weeks ago. The rumors about the coming of this game to the PC platform are making PC gamers excited and highly-awaited. Check out the rumors about The Last Of Us for PC here with

The Last Of Us 2 On PC Rumors

There is a rumor that The Last Of Us, the latest PS game of Naughty Dog, will have a PC version. The job recruitment of Naughty Dog is thought to be the evidence of the event. One of the requirements for the graphics programmer occupation is 'thorough understanding of current GPU architectures', including Nvidia and AMD.

It seems that Naughty Dog is finding a graphics programmer who will take responsibility for the graphics work of The Last of Us 2 for PC. In addition, the game publishers also noted some other requirements that make gamers think of a PC version of this game. For example, they also require the applicants to have experience with ‘console or PC programming’ and ‘DirectX12, Vulkan, or other modern graphics or compute APIs’.

If there is no The Last of Us 2 on PC, why Naughty Dog keeps noting the PC programming experiences in the job description. This evidence makes gamers strongly believe in the coming of this game to the PC platform. However, there has not been any confirmation from the developers as well as the game publisher.

The Last Of Us 2 PC Gameplay

The PC version of The Last of Us 2 is just a rumor now. However, the evidence above still reinforces the belief of many gamers in the coming of this game to the PC platform. If the game is released on PCs, it may have the same gameplay as the original game on the PS4 platform. It would be a desperate and tense action-survival gameplay.

You will play this horror game from the third-person perspective and enjoy a thrilling and exciting gaming experience. Taking the role of Ellie in a survival adventure, players have to use all survival and fighting skills. The Last of Us 2 on PC lets you use weapons, such as bows, guns, and improvised weapons to fight against mutated humans and cannibalistic creatures.

The developers also upgraded the gameplay mechanics, letting Ellie jump, climb, and move more nimbly. Moreover, she can also crawl to evade enemies to survive. In addition, there are computer-controlled characters who support and accompany your Ellie character throughout the game.

Moreover, the developers also brought back the ‘Listen Mode’. It allows players to determine the enemies’ locations. Another feature of the Last of Us 2 is the skill tree with three main branches, including Crafting, Survival, and Stealth. Players can collect items and supplies to upgrade these skills. As estimated, The Last of Us 2 will bring players a tenser and harder gameplay.

The Last Of Us 2 PC Requirements

Last Of Us 2 Pc Steam


Harga The Last Of Us 2 Steam

Another great concern of gamers is the system requirement of The Last of Us on PC. Since the game has been launched to the PC platform, there is no exact system requirement for the PC version of this game. Moreover, there is no information about the size of the game when it comes to PCs. But currently, the console version is 78.3 GB in size. So, it requires a free space capacity of around 100 GB.

In addition, as the game has been released a few days ago, there is no cracked version for PCs. Thus, you need to be careful with any The Last of Us 2 pc game free download links on the internet. These unauthentic links can bring you risk and unwanted spyware and malware, etc. The system requirement details as well as the link to download The Last of Us for PC will be updated as soon as it’s released.

Last Of Us 2 Pc Steam

The Last Of Us 2 Storyline

The Last of Us part II is the sequel of The Last of Us released in 2013. In between, Naughty Dog released The Last of Us: Left Behind and The Last of Us Remastered in 2014. Players still control the character, Ellie, to pursue her journey. The sequel is an emotional and complex story of the protagonists. The challenging and risky journey through the post-pandemic US of Ellie and Joel elapsed 5 years ago.

Steam The Last Of Us 2

They settled down in Jackson, Wyoming where other survivors lived. However, they were still facing the threat of infected and mutated humans. Ellie continued to enter a survival adventure to carry out justice and put an end to this war.

The Last Of Us 2 takes place in an immense gaming world. You will pursue Ellie to get through peaceful forests and mountains to thrilling ruins of Seattle. The gaming world in this sequel is more realistic and detailed than ever before due to the advanced engine of Naughty Dog.

Those are things you need to know about The Last of Us 2 on PC. This game has just been launched to PS4 many days ago. So, you need to wait to experience this exciting horror action-adventure game on PCs. To update the latest PC game news as well as other interesting reviews of The Last of Us 2, let’s visit our website.