Kylie Jenner Mac Lip Liner

You probably already know that there’s something going on with me and Kylie Jenner. Yes, she’s my bestie, that’s why I’m posting 93493 different outfit inspired ideas and tutorials about her on my blog. We talk on the regular you know, so that’s why I always try to recreate her look. Hmm, no?

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Okay, I might not be her bestie (one day though, one day), but that doesn’t matter, ’cause the look this girl is rocking is still freaking awesome. I not only love every outfit that she’s wearing, but I also feel so inspired by the different kinds of make up looks that she has. Brave browser tor browser. I already did an outfit, hair and make up tutorial video on her (click!), but I also wanted to try out the real deal: the exact lipliner and lipstick that she always uses. They were sold out forever, but previous week I finally got my hands on them, yay! So if you’re curious how they look on and what I think of the quality, keep reading!

Kylie jenner mac lip liner color

Kylie Jenner Mac Lip Liner Pictures

The two lipproducts that I’ll be reviewing today are the MAC Soar lipliner and the MAC Brave lipstick. First off, let’s talk packaging. I’m always a sucker for MAC packaging. I love that it looks so clean and simple, yet stylish. I have a special lipstick holder that I strictly dedicate to all my MAC lipsticks and it looks so good! I’m pretty happy with this new addition. Another thing which I really like is that all MAC lipproducts smell like vanilla. It’s one of my favourite scents ever, so I’m definitely pleased with it :).

This is how my bare lips look. I just applied some lipbalm. I’ve got pretty pigmented lips as you can see.
Kylie jenner mac lip liner colors

Now onto the Soar lipliner. I think this is the exact colour that Kylie is wearing (she doesn’t wear a lipstick over it). I love MAC lipliners, because they are easy to work with. You can really overdraw your lips, just like Kylie always does. This is way harder to do with a lipstick, because a lipstick doesn’t give you those sharp edges that you want. I’m really positive about this lipliner, because it’s not too drying for my lips, it’s pretty pigmented and the colour is just so unique and pretty. My love for lipliners is growing bigger and bigger, I just think lipstick looks so much better with lipliner under it! If you’re on a budget and you can’t afford the lipliner and lipstick, definitely go for the liner!

A full face photo with the lipliner. You don’t have to put the lipstick over it (especially if you’re going for that all matte look), but I do like it a bit better with the lipstick though. And yes, I tried to pose like Kylie, lol.

Kylie Jenner Mac Lip Liner Before And After

Done! The MAC Brave lipstick is a satin, so it has a slight shiny finish. It makes your lips feel really soft, it’s definitely not drying. The colour is slightly lighter than the lipliner, which makes the overall lipcombo a bit more wearable for everyday. This lipstick is pretty creamy, yet it doesn’t glide off that easily, it lasts quite well actually. It also fades pretty nicely, so you don’t get those weird lines (except if you really overlined your lips). It doesn’t accentuate flaky lips, so this is definitely perfect for those winter months! Conclusion: I also really like this lipstick!

And this is the finished full face result! I think it looks really edgy yet wearable on me. It isn’t a colour that I would try out if it wasn’t for Kylie (being totally honest here), but I am happy that I did it, because I know this is going to be one of my favourite lippies!

I think it’s a pretty close match, do you agree? 😉

Kylie Jenner Mac Lip Liner Cream

So yeah, my overall on these two lipproducts is really positive. I think the quality is amazing, just like you would expect from MAC. The colours are wearable yet still pretty unique if you ask me. And I’m just a sucker for the nineties, so of course I had to love this lipcombo. I hope you found this review helpful and that I infected you with my Kylie Jenner obsession, haha ;). Have a great weekend guys and I talk to you tomorrow (yes, with a new video, finally!).

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