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GitHub #carvel in Kubernetes Slack. Build on Kubernetes with confidence. Carvel provides a set of reliable, single-purpose, composable tools that aid in your application building, configuration, and deployment to Kubernetes. Use the whole suite. Or pick the tools you need: ytt. I've been trying to get help on a Kubernetes question and I don't get answers, and one suggestion was to ask on the Kubernetes slack channel, however it seems to be on invite only or for google, intel, coreos and redhat email addresses. First, you’ll need a Kubernetes cluster. You can start with creating a Kubernetes cluster with Google Container Engine following the quickstart. Slack Token and Channels. Create a new bot user in your Slack team (see Slack bot users for more details), and get an authentication token. Then invite your bot to the appropriate channels.

The Kubernetes community -- users, contributors, and the culture we've built together -- is one of the biggest reasons for the meteoric rise of this open source project. Our culture and values continue to grow and change as the project itself grows and changes. We all work together toward constant improvement of the project and the ways we work on it.
We are the people who file issues and pull requests, attend SIG meetings, Kubernetes meetups, and KubeCon, advocate for it's adoption and innovation, run kubectl get pods, and contribute in a thousand other vital ways. Read on to learn how you can get involved and become part of this amazing community. Macos high sierra 10.13 download virtualbox.

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With over 150 meetups in the world and growing, go find your local kube people. If one isn't near, take charge and create your own.