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By Toni DeBella of The Family Handyman

How To Choose the Best Paintbrush

Like there's a lid for every pot, there's a paintbrush for every job. Choosing the right brush for a DIY task can be the difference between an average result and a quality one!

Here are the things to consider when choosing a brush:

Synthetic Bristles


A good, quality synthetic brush can be used on all types of paint but works best with water-based formulas. Typically made of nylon, polyester or a combination of the two, synthetic filaments don't swell up with water like natural bristles can, so they apply latex paints smoothly and easily.

Natural Bristles

Just because you can use synthetic-bristle brushes to apply oil-based paints doesn't mean you should. Natural animal hair (usually hog or badger) performs overwhelmingly better at applying oil-based paints, stains and varnishes.


A flat brush is best for painting walls, while a coned, round one directs paint into carved moldings. For jobs that require cutting into corners, angled brushes are a must.


The size of a brush is measured by its width. Brushes typically range from 1/4-in. (for exacting details) to six inches (for covering large exteriors and masonry).


Paint brush drawing

If you're about to embark on a large painting project, choose a paintbrush with a handle that's designed to keep hands from tiring or cramping. Shorter handles are best for detailed painting and rubber grips prevent slippage.

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There's an old saying in Spanish: 'Lo barato sale caro.' (The cheap comes out expensive.)

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Product customizer wordpress. 'When buying paint brushes, it's important not to skimp on quality,' advises Andy Raker of Clark Paint, 'Always buy the best you can afford.'

Kingorigin Paint Brush Set

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