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You know what would be great? At the end of the GF trial, George Floyd comes out in handcuffs. That would be epic.🔥🔥🔥
Remember elite do not ever get the same quality anything as the rest !

Apr 16, 2021 JUAN O SAVIN Update News 4/16/2021 April 16, 2021 Twitter Acting to Protect CNN Rather than the People — Armstrong Economics April 16, 2021 Charlie Ward Double Feature & Q The Storm Rider! JUAN O SAVIN Update News 4/16/2021 April 16, 2021; Twitter Acting to Protect CNN Rather than the People — Armstrong Economics April 16, 2021; Charlie Ward Double Feature & Q The Storm Rider!

Interesting. This could mean many different things.
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Juan O Savin - Current Events Update 4.15.2021 - Deepsate Unravelling
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The green screens are getting worse.😂
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Was anybody watching Newsmax today? They were displaying a banner of guilty before the verdict was even announced.
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I listened to all three sections of the new Juan O Savin interview, and frankly, to me he feels both exhausted and discouraged. Especially by just how profound and widespread is the socialist/communist infiltration that, with the onrushing Bidan admin, is now is surfacing big time in all ways, bringing back everything that Trump managed, despite extraordinary opposition throughout his four years, to take down or at least slow down. Since the “inauguration” on January 20th, Globalism is again on the march, of course utilizing the fake Covid scam, with its tests, vaccines, and fake statistics, to instill the frequency of fear so powerfully that most gullible humans will, in the end, go down willingly into slavery and/or genocide. Juan discusses all this, and speaks of how we cannot, as a nation, go on to another election without exposing the corruption in the last one.

He is especially concerned about all the hot spots in the world right now, including Ukraine, Russia and Iran (and of course, Israel) — with the ever-present but usually ignored nuclear threat in the background. Plus of course, China, the CCP. He points out how Ukraine and Iran are connected: those famous pallets of cash Obama sent to Iran, he says, were laundered, first through Ukraine, and then Italy, before being distributed to campaign funds of deep state globalist puppets running for office worldwide, at all levels of government.

I admit, I had trouble sleeping after listening to all three of these videos. In fact, barely slept at all.

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And then, interesting contrast: today, I listened to Mike Adams latest update.

I usually don’t pay much attention to his updates, since he seems so pessimistic most of the time. Who needs that?

But today! He’s pumped up into optimism by his extraordinary experience at the weekend Tulsa event, where 5000 awakened, maskless souls, many of them famous in the alternative media, met each other in person, traded info, and ignited an even more powerful cooperative AQUARIAN ACTIVATION than had been first started by Juan O Savin, in his Las Vegas event, which also brought many people together, all inspired by Juan, who now seems to sit dejected, off to the side!

(Or does he?)

In any case, there appears to be a strange contrast between him then and now, and how even so, others are taking up the flag and marching on, gathering bigger and bigger audiences as they go. I posted Lin Woods talk yesterday. Mike Adams says they will post all the others at one of his Brighteon sites.

So. Aquarian Activation 2: from 400 people to 5000. What will it be next time? Mike says the organizer plans to take his rousing “American Revival” to other cities.

And, wouldn’t you know, today happens to be the 246th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, and the shot that was heard around the world. This is another event that Juan discusses, in his usual spell-binding storytelling style, but then seems to dismiss the coincidence of April 19, 2021 and that date, saying something like “you can always find some kind of historical marker for any date.” As I said, he’s not exactly upbeat. In fact I wonder if his famous — failed — April 1 prediction, has now morphed into cynicism, if not despair. Minecraft far lands.

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But look, Juan, what you started in Las Vegas! It’s epic, if not epochal. And We the People are nowhere near done.