Jonathan Moyo Twitter

Jonathan Moyo Twitter
by Staff reporter
WAR veterans' national chairperson Chris Mutsvangwa has dismissed a Twitter account bearing his name saying it is the work of the fallen G40 minions who are seeking relevance by cloning his name on social media platforms.
In an interview, Mutsvangwa, who played a key role in the demise of the G40 cabal leading to the birth of the Second Republic, singled fugitive Professor Jonathan Moyo for impersonating his name on Twitter.
'Jonathan Moyo at it again…impersonating. An existence of barren exile is coming to a desultory grind of hallucinations.
'It is spewing out a witches' brew of life-long espionage, intrigue, unrequited ambition, war desertion, spurious journalism and cantankerous politics. It now bears the yield of zero-to-negative credibility for the over-used and burnt out Professor Jonathan Moyo,' said Mutsvangwa.
'In desperation Jonso (Moyo) resorts to the cloning of my name on his social media tweets. All that, an extreme quest for the vanished readership of his verbal diarrhoea of lies and nonsense. It's a cruel pity that Jonathan Moyo is a self-inflicted victim of confidence and esteem lost in oneself'.
The fugitive Moyo, who is a wanted man in the country on various charges, including stealing students' funds at Zimdef, is suspected to be holed in Kenya as he continues to hide from the long arm of law.

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  • Jonathan Moyo’s controversial statement on the death of Perrance Shiri. Moyo posted the statement on Twitter commenting on the death of Shiri who succumbed to the deadly Coronavirus. Professor Jonathan Moyo says it is unfortunate that the former Commander of the 5th Brigade Retired Air Marshall Perrance Shiri died without atoning for his sins.
  • Jonathan Moyo warns NOIC Chair: Be very careful with fire. Professor Moyo had accused Ncube of offering goodies to members of the opposition to ditch their party and join the ruling party. Zimbabwe’s exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education.
  • Jonathan Moyo: Monica Mutsvangwa and Kindness Paradza abusing their office. Jonathan Moyo’s comments came after the ministry of information’s official handle was used for ZANU-PF programmes, and he strongly believes that there should be a clear distinction between the two institutions. Exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development, Jonathan Moyo.
  • Representative image Twitter: (@ProfJNMoyo) Jonathan Moyo, the former Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development Zimbabwe has declared President Emmerson Mnangagwa's reign as the institution of corruption in his recent tweets on Twitter. As declared earlier on Tuesday, Moyo tweeted a chain of responses in support of his accusations.

Prof Jonathan Moyo Tweets

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Jonathan Moyo Twitter

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